Domination have finished World Tour are now working on their second album

Conceptual Metallers Domination have recently finished a worldwide tour for their debut album ‘Doom in Nation’ that saw the band touring 29 countries, from Eastern Europe to Spain while consistently building up a global fan base.

dominationSince then the band have announced they are working on a second album to follow up their critically acclaimed Doom in Nation debut release as well as an EP release for February 2015.

Their debut release not only received impressive ratings from many media outlets, it also propelled Domination into global recognition.

Most notably their music delves into historical themes around the fall of the Russian Empire that quickly sparked interest of metal fans throughout the world.

From the protest in Petrograd in October 1917 to the struggle between the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks at the time. Domination also focused n upon the loss of civilian life at the hands of War and were able to encompass many different angles from war within the journey of Doom In Nation.