Doganov – Something Dark To Dance To [EP] by Jo Blackened

Rating:     5/5
Distributor/label:  Unsigned
Released: 2013
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Doganov - Something Dark To Dance To [EP]

Band line-up:

Fréderic Cipriani – Keyboards
Filip Marchal – Guitar
Jo Driesmans – Guitar
Karl Cleeren – Vocals


1.    Endear You
2.    To The Hilt
3.    Drain The Ocean
4.    I am The Dark
5.    Cry With Me





Doganov formed in Belgium back in 2004 when producer Fréderic and lead vocalist Karl teamed up together and despite their different musical background, they shared one common love; Electronic music!

With musical differences came motivational problems and the band was put onto hold after deciding to continue just with two of them writing collective. This decision led to explorations of new musical territories and creative direction. The members were not only writing music but also did all the songwriting, producing, mixing and remixing too.

It was in 2010 the band had the wake-up call they needed and after going over the material, finally decided to release it. It took one night of practice to be convinced they needed 2 guitar players; Filip and Jo. Not only could the guys sense the idea behind the music, but there was also the personal click between the four of them and the rest fell into place.

‘Something Dark To Dance To’ starts with the powerful start to track ‘Endear you’ which is  pure industrial metal, which was a surprise to me. It has a much harsher intro than I originally thought. This is one album that makes it impossible to sit still to and certainly lives up to the bands moto ‘Something dark to dance to’, cause I immediately wanted to hit that dance floor…but I think my living room will have to suffice!

The tracks have a great flow and merge perfectly together, with vocalist Karl Cleeren combining impressive gothic/ebm style vocals with the lyrics focusing on pain of love and loss, keeping with the dark aspect of this EP.

Belgium is well known for their dance scene but these guys certainly stand out and have their own unique sound which gives them a unique edge to this genre. Being a fan on the industrial/EBM scene in the UK I was impressed with the perfect combination of their symphonic sounds while using electronic guitars and programming.

Track 3 ‘Drain The Ocean’ was a personal favourite of mine. With a dark, slower gothic start the track soon kicks in and shows the powerful sounds of this band. Keeping songs beautiful yet brutal at the same time.

This EP seems to be much harsher and more aggressive on the dance aspect after hearing their current Single release ‘History’, which had a slower more darker intense feel, but there is no faulting these guys. They make music for themselves and you can tell you love what they do!

Ending on track ‘Cry With Me’, slows the EP down nicely rounding up the tracks perfectly on a more romantic feel, making you just want to play it over again, and again and again!

There are some amazing melodies in this EP and the production is perfect throughout, you can tell these guys have a history or making music and have done themselves justice with this release. These are the types of tracks I want to hear when I go clubbing! I look forward to hearing their future full length release in the future and hope we don’t have to wait too long!

The making of ‘Endear You’ can be seen here:

Review by Jo Blackened