DJ Rex catches up with SHY – Santa Hates You

Santa Hates You is an interesting name, what part of a twisted psyche did it come from?

Peter Spilles:- Both Jinxy and I have pretty twisted psyches. 🙂
From what part of those did the name come from? Probably from the furry, grizzly-bear-like one. The one that never wants to go to bed ’cause it always wants to hear one more scary fairy tale. The one that doesn’t accept senseless rules. The one that is determined to turn real life into a dream. Or a delightful nightmare.

What would you say the ultimate direction for Santa Hates You? Are you seeking massive fame and fortune?

JINXY: Well, no. Fame and fortune are for ordinary people. We want to shake you, awake you, please you, squeeze you, wrap ourselves around you, if you will. 🙂
We are the soundtrack to your rebellion, your rage, your triumph, your ecstasy.

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for supporting Santa Hates You?

JINXY: Life, The Universe and Everything. Other than that, Peter Spilles and I would like to acknowledge each other. We supported one another like no one else did. We have always pushed each other to give our best, sometimes we were very strict but we always believed in what we’re doing. Now we’re harvesting the sweet reward, but at the same time we’re making new, adventurous plans for the future. We cannot possibly be stopped.

I notice a lot of your music would be great in a club, especially Rocket Heart, it makes me wonder if there is a Dj background in Santa Hates You, or do you just spend a lot of time in night clubs?

Peter Spilles: “Crucifix Powerbomb” is a club album, but not only. It also has the power of turning your living room (or every other environment you choose when listening to our music) into a realm of dreams.
From time to time I deejay in some German clubs and my experience is that Santa Hates You is always received very well. Many DJs from Germany and foreign countries report the same.
Whether we spend a lot of time in night clubs? …
Hamburg has a lot to offer in clubbing terms, so I go out quite regularly and often spot Jinxy engaging in drinking challenges with hairy sailors or playing strip poker completely dressed in a naked round.

A question more for Peter Spilles, S.H.Y. is an interesting diversion from the Project Pitchfork sound, is this something you’ve always wanted to do, or is the whole thing a new inspiration?

Peter Spilles: I think for every single song a new inspiration is needed. The time was right to bring Santa Hates You to life because I wanted to spend time on another playground. The musical ideas and the energy are different and I try to keep it that way although it all comes from the same heart.
It’s all happening in the same universe, but on totally separated galaxies.

What would your catchphrase/life’s motto be?

Peter Spilles: A life without Santa Hates You is possible, but senseless.
JINXY: Santa Hates You. For many but not for all.

Check out Rocket Heart for yourselves