DJ Ian does Easter, by Ian Fford

Lady Bunny is one of New York’s and the world’s most infamous cross dressers.
Through the years I’ve spent working her, I’ve discovered that the only thing bigger than her signature blonde wig is her talent. For some, doing drag is an end unto itself, but for Bunny it’s a vehicle for her multi-faceted creative expression. She tours constantly, knocking ’em dead with her bawdy, Don Rickles meets Dusty Springfield mix of foul humor, Southern charm, “Laugh-In”-style skits, and X-rated pop song parodies. Bunny has emceed events around the world ranging from Van Cleef Arpels corporate parties to Gay Pride Parades and has shared the stage with the likes of Pamela Anderson, Margaret Cho, Dennis Rodman, Cyndi Lauper, k.d. Lang, and the B-52’s, just to name a few.

Her most notorious creation, Wigstock, was a celebration of creative cross-dressing, which drew up to 40,000 colorful people. “Wigstock, The Movie” (1995). Her latest play is called “When Joey Married Bobby” and is currently playing at Theatre 80 on St Marks Place, NYC. She’s had roles in several films, including Not Another Gay Movie 2, Dragtime, Party Girl, and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. She was constantly mentioned on Will & Grace, and appears on such shows as Comedy Central’s “Pam Anderson Roast,” HBO’s “Sex and the City”; Britney Spears’ MTV special “In the Zone & Up All Night,”

She writes a weekly column called “Star Style Report” for Star Magazine, and she writes regularly for Visionaire, Paper, Instinct, Genre, V, Interview and Time Out New York. Bunny keeps her website fresh and constantly turns up in interviews both in print and on TV.
Picture courtesy of Jimmy Smith

Off stage she is outrageous, funny, crass, occasionally offensive, and very, very intelligent. She keeps a sharp eye on current events, talks like a sailor, and is very quick-witted. On stage even more so… I saw someone heckle her once and she pretty much destroyed the poor sap, much to everyone everyone’s delight.

Bunny is a personal friend of mine and we’ve worked together for years. On Sunday nights I do lighting for Disco Tea, the early set where she’s the Disco DJ extraordinaire. She draws a great crowd and sets the dance floor on fire with Studio 54 disco and forgotten classics. Her musical knowledge isn’t limited to that era as she’s always ready to spin the hits from the last seven decades to the present. She’s been known to knock back a *few* drinks, but any obnoxious or outrageous behavior only increases her popularity. In short, she’s set herself up in a non-stop-win-win situation and she can pretty much do whatever she feels like all the time.
Pictures courtesy of Aaron Cobbett
Tonight was a typically busy one, so I could only ask her a few quick questions. Remember, the answers all come with a thick Southern American drawl.

“So what should I ask you?”
– “Well, who the hell I think I am.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”
– “Well nobody… Look where we are!”

“Where have you been banned?”
– “A few years ago one of my lewd performances almost got Gay Pride shut down in Richmond and Savannah. A young girl was perched on her fathers’ shoulders, and my strap-on dildo kind of ended up a few inches from her mouth. Someone called the police but fortunately the event continued. When the promoters asked me about what I was doing, I asked if they had watched my trailer! This is my show – its dirty, this is what you get. If you don’t want it then don’t hire me!”

“Tell me a another story.”
– “Well I was hired to perform in Arizona. When I got there I couldn’t believe it, the cacti shot spines at you and the outdoor restaurants sprayed mist on everyone. Damn! Any place they have to spray water on you to keep you alive isn’t really fit for human life. Here I am in a mumu and wig and my makeup’s running like Niagra Falls!”

“Go on…”
– “Well when I go to these small towns they always ask me what I think of them. I tell them I’m from New York and that’s what I like. They’re not always happy with the answer but what can I say…?”

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?”
– “Its hard enough to look at myself NOW…! (She points to the mirror)”

Lady Bunny elevates living in the moment to an art form. She is a world-class non-stop creative machine, and a complicated person who’s made a career of being herself. So, if you want to know who she is then just watch or read what she’s done. She’s produced tons of material and is always up to no good, so check her out at, watch her on Youtube or look her up on Google. You won’t be disappointed!

Love from NYC!
Ian Fford