DJ Addam Bombb, by Ian Fford

Greetings from NYC!

So this past November my good friend Addam Bombb and I were spinning the same venue, and since he’s from out of town I thought it only wise and proper to have him do the “round robin” with me before his scheduled set. We had a blast!

Addam Bombb is a talented hard-hitting DJ, artist, musician and has a diverse background that gives him a unique flair for his creations. He takes life by both horns and lives it to the fullest. Like any good artist, he’s had his share of victories and hardships, but he just keeps going and as such has earned my respect. Since its rare that he and I get any time together, I figured an interview was in order. So, what the hell, I asked a few questions between mixes. Here they are… enjoy!

Ian Fford; – How long have you been a Deejay?
Addam Bombb; – I’ve been a DJ professionally for 14 years, since 1995.

Ian Fford; – How did you get into it?
Addam Bombb; – I started as a drummer playing in rock n roll bands, then I started doing broadcasting and radio production in school. From there I started working for the largest mobile dj production company in Boston. I cut my teeth there playing in hip hop clubs, rock parties, karaoke nights – any dj gig I could get. Then I started doing lighting at Manray, and started DJ’ing & next thing I knew I was DJ’ing all over the dark alternative dance scene.

Ian Fford; – What are your influences?
Addam Bombb; – David Bowie, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Hanoi Rocks, The Damned, The Sex Pistols… I could go on for days and days and days about influential music. The same time there was Disco, Blondie, and New Wave. Duran Duran, oh my God!

Ian Fford; – Any drama and hardship that you’ve had to endure just to be in this line of work?
Addam Bombb; – Hardship or drama? As a DJ…? NEVER

Ian Fford; – What other art do you create?
Addam Bombb; – I do alot of photography, I make jewelry, like chain mail, I wish I could paint but I’m not very good at it yet, I make some original music, (cocks head and rolls eyes) i like walks on the beach and riding my bicycle.

Ian Fford; – Any advice for the newbies?
Addam Bombb; – Dance, have fun, pay attention to your audience and make sure they have fun. AND FUCKING LEARN HOW TO MIX!


Ian Fford; – So you can check out Addams’s work at
check out Addam on Altopedia

Until next month,
Ian Fford