Divine Chaos – A New Dawn In The Age Of War by Nadean Daley

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Evil Eye Records
Released: 29th May 2014
Buy Album: http://evileyerecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-new-dawn-in-the-age-of-war
Band Website: www.divinechaosmetal.com

Divine Chaos - A New Dawn In The Age Of War

Band Line up:

Chis O’Toole Dave Bennett Benny F Gilmour James Stewart


1: Last Confession
2: Death Toll Rising
3: The Myth Of Human Progress
4: Shadow of God
5: Ignorance Everlasting
6: Rivers of Blood
7: Fields of The Fallen
8: Sinain Sands
9: Perpetual War Policy



Extreme Thrash band Divine Chaos have been around the metal scene since 2006, metal fans will be delighted to know they can breathe a sigh of relief now the band have released their debut album ‘A New Dawn In The Age Of War’ on 29th of May- and what a belter of a debut it is.

Produced by Scott Atkins (Stampin Ground) and features James Stewart (Vader ) on drums also with a guest performance from Josh middleton (Sylosis) . From the explosive opener ‘Last Confession’ its feels like this album just doesn’t come up for air.

Picking up where 90’s thrash bands Carcass and Sepultura left off by weaving together a special blend of aggressive thrash with elements of melodic and progressive metal, making their sound unique and interesting.

The musican-ship throughout the album is indeed phenomenal and the attention to melody is incredible, the axe duo’s work is an experience on its own as both Dave and Gilmour bounce off each other making each track more powerful than the next, the guitar solos in ‘Ignorance Everlasting’ ‘Sinain Sands’ has a Slash style classic rock feel until Chris O’Tooles’ roaring vocals burst in.

The lyrics in ‘Rivers of Blood’ are made to be screamed back by a herd of metal fans in a beer fuelled mosh pit where this album played in its entirety would earn the appreciation it so deserves.

An awesome debut that needs to be heard by all metal fans and should deservingly put these lads up there with the best in business.

Review by Nadean Daley