Disturbed – Asylum, Venus Aversa by Mike Calder

Another solid metal affair from one of the genres most consistent performers.
Saying that, in my honest opinion that is all it is, solid and consistent. To me nothing really seperates this album from many other offerings within the Disturbed back catalogue.

This however, is not necessarily a bad thing if you are a disturbed fan. Once again David’s vocals are in fine form and Dan Donegan’s guitars provide a thunderous assault as you would expect from their previous offerings. The main issue I have found from this album is that in some respects it seems to have lost a little of the aggression that made many of Disturbed’s songs true classics. That does not mean the album is without its charms, with ‘Warrior’ delivering a very crowd friendly chorus that no doubt would get a lot going when heard live.

All in all this is an album that is definitely suited to the true disciples of Disturbed. However if you are looking for what the band are truly about, their debut album is still the best testament to what this band have to offer.