Dispersion – Pillars by Chris Brown

Band Name: Dispersion
Album Name: Pillars
Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://dispersion1.bandcamp.com/releases
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Dispersionband

Dispersion - Pillars
Dispersion – Pillars
 Band Line-up:

Guitar/ Bass/ Synth – Dejan Pejcic
Vocals/ Synth – Mattia Sottana
Drums – Nicola Fregona


1 – Memory in land, denied
2 – Being the ruin, deep cave




You won’t be needing the skip button on these 2 tracks which make up June 2014’s debut EP release of ‘Pillars’ by Dispersion. Through a sound mixture of doomy and progressive metal influence – a small sliver though it may be, it is indeed one that demands to stand up and be counted.

Both tracks are anything but devoid of atmosphere and really succeed in blending sections which evoke both serenity and desolation. The music moves at it’s own pace, flowing seamlessly between heavy sections and an almost haunting calmness.

The whole thing feels to me like a battle cry for the army of the damned. You really get a sense of a world of pain crying out to you. The vocals rush past you like a rusty wind that has the power to rip flesh from bones; a scourge of the wasteland, torn of decay. Moments that evoke a reprise of valour against the relentless onslaught crumble to dust against an unyielding resurrection of disorder.

Despite several sections having a real intricacy about them, there is a real simplicity to what is on offer here. It has a real feel of isolation to it and I figure would be better enjoyed alone in the dark as opposed to being seen in a live environment. My only criticism would be that there is not more on offer, but it certainly whets an appetite for more to come in the future.

Review by Chris Brown