Dirk Serries – Unseen Descending and Lamentations

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: http://consouling.be/
Released: 2015
Buy album: http://consouling.be/product/dirk-serries-unseen-descending-and-lamentations-lp-cd/
Artist website: http://www.dirkserries.com/

dirkserries2015Band line-up:

Dirk Serries – all instruments


1. Part One
2. Part Two


Dirk Serries built his fame in the ambient and experimental realm doing exactly what he’s doing in this new album, hence my mixed feelings about it – I find “Unseen Descending and Lamentations” quite uncreative, but it seems that that’s the point.

Starting with the titles of both tracks, which are simply called “Part One” and “Part Two”, but since the title of the whole piece has a ring to it, I guess there’s no need to be that picky on this matter. And not only it’s attractive but also accurate – not sure about the “unseen” but these 44 minutes of music (did I mention that each track goes on for more than 20 minutes?) are of such a grieving nature that will give you this sensation of spiraling down.  And that’s what dark ambient is supposed to do, right? So mission accomplished. What bothers me is that Serries (apparently inspired by the collaborations he’s had with “some free jazz and improv artists”) sticks way too much and for too long to the same sounds, even though he claims a “desire to explore a vast array” of them. “Part One” starts with a crescendo of one single note, that only about five minutes later entwines with another.  And “Part Two” has a full minute of radio static. It’s the lack of variations/combinations that made me use the “uncreative” adjective in the first paragraph. But if you’re a fan of the genre, I’m sure this minimalism is able to enthrall you and be considered brilliant precisely for it.

Review by Renata Lino