Dimmu Borgir @ The Forum by Jo Blackened

21st August  2010, Review & Photography by  Jo Blackened – Altercarnated Photography

I had to admit I was really looking forward to seeing Dimmu Borgir live again but was worried with all the changes with line up & seeing their new material recently I was worried I was going to be disappointed…I wasn’t.
First on stage was:

Sahg – A great band, but needed a little more stage presence.

Sahg (3)
A relatively new band only forming in 2004 you could tell these guys could’ve worked the stage with slightly more enthusiasm but they were happy posing for photos, which was great for me!

Sahg (2)
Not the strongest set to be honest & the audience didn’t seem to take much notice of them, maybe they were more interested in seeing Dimmu?!

Still I thought they were a great band to be opening for Dimmu & I enjoyed seeing them live although the turn out was poor and the audience didn’t seem too impressed and were happy chatting away and buying alcohol at the bar.

Sahg setlist:
In Through The Eye (intro) / Godless Faith / Baptism Of Fire / Mortify / Mother’s Revenge / The Executioner Undead / Pyromancer

Enslaved – I was really looking forward to seeing these guys play!

These guys know how to work a stage & I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Again not the strongest set & they could’ve had slightly stronger energy but the audience seemed to be enjoying it and had perked up after the first support!

I have to say im not enjoying their newer stuff as I have with their older material but you can tell they are a tight band with a lot of gig experience & certainly set the scene & energy for Dimmu!

The crowd had grown by now & people were still arriving but again I think a lot of the audience were here to see Dimmu, but Enslaved had great energy and had the crowd warming up.

Enslaved setlist:

Axioma (intro) / Ethica Odini / Raidho / Fusion Of Sense & Earth / Allfadr Odhinn / Isa / The Beacon / Ground

Dimmu Borgir

By the time Dimmu arrived on stage the Forum was packed with everyone shouting & metal signs in the air everywhere! There are not many bands that create such a dramatic setting onstage with such a strong presence as Dimmu Borgir.

I have to say I love the image, make up & the effort Dimmu Borgir put into their shows! I love the dark theatrical atmosphere & you could literally feel the electricity in the air from the crowd!

From the smoke arrived the members, with camera in hand I was wondering who would be playing especially after the departure of Vortex and Mustis (keyboards), who I have to say will be missed.

But as soon as Dimmu started to play I realised the sound quality were just as fantastic as ever! They were as tight as ever with great energy and the atmosphere was truly amazing. I will miss Vortex’s vocals as I love his voice but Dimmu are working with guest musicians & im wondering if they will indeed use a permanent backing vocalist.

As keeping with their new music video they set the scene wearing long winter white coats with the feeling you were in Nania!

I was pleased they played older songs as well as tracks from their new album which was received well from the crowd! This too put a smile on my face & after shooting pics I was back in the crowd & even had a good headbang with a large mosh pit happening close to me!

I have to say that after the recent changes to Dimmu they really do know how to put on a great night & I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dummu are most definitely a band you need to see live to capture their full energy & essence.
They have and always will be one of my favourite bands and I hope to see them later next year at some UK festivals!

Dimmu Borgir setlist:
Xibir (intro) / Spellbound (By The Devil) / The Chosen Legacy / IndoctriNation / Dimmu Borgir / Gateways / Chess With The Abyss / Born Treacherous / A Jewel Traced Through Coal / The Blazing Monoliths Of Defiance / Vredesbyrd / The Serpentine Offering / Puritania / Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse / Mourning Palace / Perfection Or Vanity (outro)