Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Nuclear Blast
Web Site – www.dimmu-borgir.com/

If Black Metal has a pop side then Dimmu Borgir is representing it.
Even at one point been likened to a boy band, not that any of this has hurt them, taking what the scene was about and overblowing it into a larger than life bombastic band and sound.

This takes it even further along that route, down to a three piece band but using the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Schola Cantorum Choir they have achieved what some thought was impossible when you lose key members.

This band will always have plenty of critics and now there are no technical wizardry weird time change etc but they were never about that, this album reinforces what they are really about, making the biggest over blown music this scene has to offer maybe this why they have broken out of that scene.