DigiCore – More Than Just An Ape by AWG

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: UK Code7/PHD
Distributor/label URL: www.armalyte.com

Band line-up:
Danny Carnage – Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Matt Bastard – Bass
Cell – Drums

1 In To Ruin
2 You’re Not Like Me
3 Disconnected
4 I Will Not Be Afraid
5 Hell On Earth
6 Not One Of Us
7 Flesh Is Weakness
8 I Hate What I Have Become
9 More Than Just An Ape

Two years in the making, ‘More Than Just An Ape’ documents the next stage in Digicore’s evolution. Continuing their obsession with the influence of the digital age on the human condition, ‘…Ape’ combines cutting edge electronica with a more refined approach to song writing. Where once chaos reigned amidst the furious digital hardcore of their ‘Without Freedom’ debut, ‘… Ape’s focus is the intensity of the bludgeoning riffs and the strong melodic element that underpins this next-gen monster.

Industrial Metal has come on leaps and bounds as technology has advanced and “DigiCore” have embraced all the latest advances and taken them to a newer and braver level…The opening track “In to ruin” launches you into what can be classed as new level of existence, (this experience some people would take drugs to achieve) although thing track can be classed as the main intro to the album it is the ride that you must prepare for.

Track 2 “You’re Not like me” incorporates some of the most mind blowing mixing that I have not experienced for many a year, one thing about “Digicore” is that they appeal not just to the Industrial Metal heads but to the Dance crowds as well…to try and explain it, think of Prodigy in their early days now enhance their music and throw in some mind blowing Hard and Heavy almost a thrash like feeling and cook on a high temp for 30 mins you then have “Digicore”.

It is still very hard to believe that this is a three peace band, and although I have never seen these guys perform live, I can imagine that the performance would be something out of this world.
Track 4 “The Great Devourer” is very different indeed a hard hitting power thundering bone shattering beat from the drums and the soul wrenching Bass slams you from this mortal plain and when incorporated with the programming you start to question your very existence.
This track would make a great video (Now if it made it to being played on a mainstream channel) is another question

Now I do have a wide collection of music and a number of Industrial Metal bands are in there as well, the one thing that I have found over the years of collecting and reviewing is that sometimes I need to listen to a release more than once before I can write a review…But Not with “More Than Just An Ape” from “Digicore”, this album just ticked every single box from the second I pressed the play button.
Now if you have never been into Industrial Metal or have had a bad experience, I recommend given these guys a go…You will not be disappointed

Track 6 “Hell On Earth” takes it very old school with the new mixed in for that added kick and for me was one of the tracks that made the album complete, that strange mix of the good the bad and the very ugly indeed. And I can honestly state that I didn’t get bored with any of the track throughout.
And I will be looking out for these guys in the future because I have to see them LIVE!

Band Website: www.digicoremusic.com