Die So Fluid Interview by Black Dahlia

Grog – Vocals, Bass
Mr Drew – Guitars
Al Fletcher – Drums


Photography by Tina Korhonen
Hey Grog and thanks for joining us today…It’s just been announced you are playing for Alt-Fest this year. What was your reaction at being asked to be part of this festival?

We were asked to play it quite early on in it’s inception and since then it’s just grown into the most amazing festival – the lineup is just unbelievable. It represents the whole of the alternative music scene and that’s a big deal. I’m also very happy to be playing the S.O.P.H.I.E. stage, DSF is a big supporter of that cause.

Are there any bands there you’d personally like to see?

I’m a big Killing Joke fan and The Cult too. Gary Numan, Arch Enemy, Pete Murphy, Satiricon, Alien Sex Fiend, Covenant, Cradle Of Filth all stand out too. There’s really a ton to see.

Do you have plans to tour soon in 2014 , apart from performing at Alt fest ?

Yup, we have a tour commencing in April in support of our new album release. We start in the UK, then head to Finland, then Canada and the USA.

Do you have a release date yet for your upcoming album “Opposites of Light” , have you decided to keep the working title or have you decided to change the name ?

During April to align with the tour. ‘The Opposites Of Light’ remains the title. It makes perfect sense of the how the material developed and represents the darker more introspective element of what we do together with the heavier more confrontational side.

Do you find you are treated differently being a female singer in a mostly male dominated industry?
Well it’s more of a problem when you first start a band. You definitely have to prove yourself more than a bloke would have to. Once you have kicked ass on a big stage a few times word gets about and the ‘girls can’t rock’ cynicism dissipates – at least for you. It’s definitely more prevalent here than say in America or Finland but there are also some hardcore supporters in the UK who have a real penchant for female fronted bands. Positive discrimination? No, just good taste!

Can you tell me about about the taster album “Kisses and kicks”, has it been well received by your fans ?
‘Kisses And Kicks’ is an album we released mainly to have a presence on streaming sites like Spotify. We spent a load of time reclaiming all our material from labels who no longer had any right to it. Our music had been distributed online really widely, which was great for getting heard but not for earning anything from it. Some fans were upset by the music disappearing off certain sites so we chose twelve tracks spanning all three of our albums we thought would inspire new listeners to become fans and and also satisfy older fans who just wanted our music to be on streaming services.

We’ve also re released our three albums, on bandcamp and ITunes etc, plus an album of interesting material from the early days just before DSF was formed (Feline’s second album) and of course ‘Black Blizzard’ from the upcoming new album.

What sets you apart from other bands in the same genre as yourselves?

If you’re talking about the dark-mist-volcanic-proto-clash genre then we are obviously the heaviest exponents of that music. If you’re talking about the buzzsaw-grindbitch-monk-rock genre we are probably the prettiest. I prefer to be regarded simply as a rock band.

You possess such an unique image – Are there any secrets you can share about how you get your look and how long does it take for you to get ready to be on stage?

Really it’s all about the preparation, I design and make much of my stage wear, so it’s planned ahead. When it comes to the shows I can throw on a catsuit and do my makeup in about 40 mins. If I’m doing something a bit more elaborate with my hair or whatever then longer. I like wearing outfits I can rock the hell out and sing in without being constricted.

The look I go for is dynamic and classy. Our music comes from the heart so you get the super intensified Grog.
That transformation time is important as it’s when I enter into my kind of zen pre-show mental state.

It was recently quoted that “Die So Fluid, have released probably the greatest rock record since Nirvana’s Nevermind”, in 2010 . Has this been a huge achievement to you as a band and personally?

Depends what you think of Nirvana I guess! I think that quote was released into the wild to provoke a reaction and it has been funny who picked up on it. One journalist online got really upset and , misreading the quote, was all ‘how dare they be compared to Nirvana’.

I think Nirvana, with 110 million record sales on a major label, became very much the establishment. And anybody saying the establishment should not be challenged, especially in art, is a reactionary prick who should not be reviewing independent and alternative music.

Do you find having a certain attitude helps when dealing with the music industry ?
The music industry is undergoing constant evolution so the attitude you must have now is to just be open minded to change and be ready to act on it. When we started there was a set way of doing things and everyone’s role was rigid and that’s the way it had carried on for decades.

I’m glad those days are gone and we can make the music we want without going cap in hand to a record company. But as a musician I’ve done way more tweeting than singing in the last year and that’s a fact of life now.

Having been in the industry for over a decade and receiving such positive comments from reviewers and fans, has this made you feel more established and are you here to stay for another decade?

Honestly we’d like to receive more recognition with our new album and for our fan base to expand substantially around the world now that we’ve rid ourselves of the parasites who were making life tough and draining our resources. To bring things to whole new level would warm my heart after all we’ve been through.

Can you recall your fondest memory so far, of being lead singer and bass in Die So Fluid?

There are so many, fans can be so sweet, and share very personal stories with you. I love to hear that a song has helped someone get through dark times, or inspired them to leave an abusive relationship for example.
Other things that spring to mind are when a fan couldn’t bring his young daughter and her friend to a show cos they were underage, so they travelled on the train anyway and met us in the day before soundcheck, just to meet us!
We gave them merch ,hugs and took photos, so cool.

I’ve had dolls and sculptures made of me, some fans have me tattooed on their skin, thoughtful notes and gifts, it still blows my mind.


What has been your most favourite song/album to date?

Black Blizzard and the new album! After the hold ups and distractions I’m desperate for ‘The Opposites Of Light’ to be heard. I feel I’ve had an opportunity to showcase my vocals on it, it’s an important record for me which will always remind me of this time in my life when I relocated to the USA.

If the band had not formed , what would you all be doing ?

Well I’d still be making music in some shape or form but Al and Drew wouldn’t exist because I created them with chicken bones and witchcraft!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks for this chat and we can’t wait to see you at the first AltFest 2014!

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