Diapsiquir – L.S.D

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2014

Pic (1)Band line-up:

Toxik Harmst : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
VulgR (aka Aymer) : Guitar


1 Satan Postmortem
2 _
3 MAsickLAsickDEsick
4 Lubie Satanique Dépravée
5 Apocalypse sur Symphonie
6 G.A.S.
7 999 Torture aposida


I must say the album cover is horrendous. It kinda symbolises what to expect though; A sloppy attempt to do something that probably wants to symbolise a huge middlefinger in your face, but really just leaves the impression that this nowhere near being a serious attempt to go anywhere with this record and the music it contains.

The musical content leaves the listener thinking that seven songs are being thrown in your face while the artist behind is either laughing sarcastically cause you picked it up and actually listened to it or even worse – they actually think this is going somewhere. It´s not. This is a musical playground where only the band can find any of this interesting.

There is no depth, no point and no reason to give this album a chance. I get it, you dig Satan and want to be avant-garde and let loose…but keep it in the rehearsal room.

Review by Ellen Norvang