De/Vision – Popgefahr by Alan Chapman

Out Now on Popgefahr
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After twenty years together you would think a band might start running out of steam, but this lot prove it can be other wise.

Ok,  so they’re not breaking new ground, but why should they?
This is style of synthpop and they are good at it and they exploit it to the fullest.

What you get is a fully rounded album of well crafted songs full of the hooks but never the full on dance of the EBM scene. They have always been more reserved than that (wait for the remixes to come out to truly kick the dance floor).

De/Vision have always written grown up pop music, albums you can sit back enjoy or sing along to and this follows that formula. These songs will get under your skin very quickly.

Oh yes there is the tell tell nod to a certain DM but why not because without the mode we would have bands like this around.