Despite Exile – Re-Evolve by James Price

E.P Track listing:
1) Oscillate
2) Perfection Neutralized
3) Mechanical

After successfully releasing a debut E.P to great acclaim, these young Deathcore champions return with follow up E.P ‘Re-Evolve’ and I think it will make any fan of the genre excited.

Hailing from Udine, Italy and starting in 2010,this Progressive Deathcore group have been working hard touring their home country with myriad groups both local and international and I think this hard slog has really helped them to create an interesting little E.P. I say little as we are only talking 11 minutes of music here, but it is more than enough to whet the appetite for more,hopefully there will be a full album soon.

I know it is very fashionable at the moment to slate any form of metal band with a ‘core’ in its genre tag,for being derivative or unoriginal,but let’s face it,every genre of music around is basically full of the same sounding music.
It is ridiculous to pick on this stuff,simply because it commits the awful crime of being modern! Every fan of so called ‘Proper’ Metal can hardly say every band they love is completely different and unique,so this review is going to forget snobbery and focus on the only thing that matters:Is it any good? My answer is a big fat YES!

Musically we are talking Melodic and pretty technical Deathcore,along the lines of the genre greats such as,Veil of Maya,Whitechapel,Born Of Osiris.If you like this kind of thing,you are in for a treat,because whilst Despite Exile don’t win any points for originality they score highly on brutality,technical ability,passion and just good fun songs that make you want to bang your bloody head!

Every song here features great fat riffs,thunderous drumming,Huge breakdowns just built to make mosh pits explode,and absolutely stunning vocals from main man Jacopo ‘Jei’ Durisotti. This guy has a wicked range from high pitched screams to a fabulous low guttural Death metal bellow.He really brings these songs to another level.Breakdowns are used really well throughout each song,never feeling forced or chucked in there for the sake of it,and they are actually pretty groovy,making one want to dance around the room like a fool.

Although all the songs are on the face of it pretty similar they all stand out clearly from each other and remain lodged in your head long after they have stopped playing.

The first couple of songs are the most brutal although still featuring melody in the form of soaring guitar work, final track ‘Mechanical’ wears it melodies on its sleeve more clearly from the very start of the song.Luckily this doesn’t mean we are losing any intensity though as it is still a savage beast,the melodies just enhance things and I hope to see more of this guitar work on future releases.

The sound quality on this release is superb.Loud,clear,and crisp,exactly what is needed for this sort of music,so the full force of each song can charge out of your speakers and slap you in the face.

Overall this is highly recommended to any fans of heavy music,the only fault I have is that this thing is not long enough,I want more!