Dendera – Pillars of Creation

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Metalbox Recordings 
Released: 2015
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Dedera 400Band Line-up:

Stephen Main (Guitars)
Ashley Edison (Vocals)
Bradley Edison (bass)
Andy Finch (Drums)
David Stanton (Guitars)


1. Claim Our Throne
3. In High Tide
4. Disillusioned
5. The Daylight Ending
6. The Chosen One
7. Unholy
8. Edge of Tomorrow


Dendera is a band that has been making waves in the United Kingdom and are looking to make more with their second full-length release Pillars of Creation. After their 2013 release (The Killing Floor) which has gained them notoriety, will they be able to build upon the success of that album?

With this band, you get the sense that they play a no nonsense style of Heavy Metal, which at times can dip into Thrash, Power and even Doom. But overall, they are a Heavy Metal band through and through.

Starting off, we are treated to a long intro within the first song, but I would rather it be part of the song than to be a “play once and skip” sort of intro song. Once the song truly kicks off, we get all the pieces of what will be within this album; massive riffs, melody and thundering drums. Although the vocals are not bad, they are the weakest part here, but that’s in comparison to the other parts (which are great).

As stated earlier, some songs have elements of other genres, such as the tracks ‘Bloodlust’ and ‘High Tide’. Both feel as they could have Thrash elements, especially ‘High Tide’ which reminded me briefly of Testament. Although that track does have one problem, being the vocals. They try to be an octave higher, and it doesn’t seem to work out as well as you would think. Luckily, this is the only time we get such a thing as they stick within their comfort zone for the rest of the album.

The biggest positive of this album is the length of it. Too often we see bands cram as many songs as they can onto one album, whereas Dendera have kept this at a tidy 48 minutes. With that, I didn’t feel that this album went too long and it didn’t make me want another song or two, it felt that it was in the right area for time and number of songs.

For what is on here, everything works out, as it all works together with what is here. Outside of the small vocal cue (which was already mentioned), this is a solid release by Dendera. They are proving that they want to stick around and not be a fly by night band. This looks to be a great follow up to The Killing Floor and looks to be a bright future for this band.

Reviewed By: Omega Josh