‘Demons And Wizards’ – Uriah Heep, by Sarah Clow

‘Demons And Wizards’ – Uriah Heep: Mercury Records/Bronze Records: 1975, by Sarah Clow

Once again, apologies for those who may not like the following bands, hopefully you will have heard of them however!
I start with a classic rock band, Uriah Heep. The ‘Demons And Wizards’ cover is a simple design, its just a wizard that appears to be climbing a mountain! The way he has been placed gives the sense that he is walking on the water. My other thoughts on this piece are of the colours used, appearing to look as though created using watercolour, the shades of blue for te nigth sky are phenomenal, the way it mingles so easily with the rocks of the waterfalls and the eeriness of the moon through the branches of the tree at the top of the mountain is also a beautifully done piece of the work.
The original release of ‘Demons And Wizards’ was a gatefold sleeve.
I wanted to share this cover with you because I find the work by the artist who created this artwork amazing. The artist in question is Roger Dean. Much loved for his landscapes, of his work, this is a particular favourite.
Roger Dean is probably most notable for his work with the prog band Yes. He designed their bubble logo, which first appeared on ‘Close To The Edge’.
Dean is known for his other-worldly scenes created for Yes, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Asia and many others.

“I don’t really see myself as a fantasy artist but as a landscape painter.” – Roger Dean.