Demanufacture Fear Factory: Album Cover Review

Demanufacture Fear Factory: Roadrunner Records: 1995
Album Cover Review – Sarah Clow
The ‘Demanufacture’ artwork was created by Dave McKean, an illustrator; photographer; comic book artist; graphic designer; filmmaker and musician. It’s an interesting piece in that I find it to be almost a bit mysterious, the effect works remarkably well and I love the idea that the design is divided by a spinal column, with one side acting as a barcode, complete with numbers and the other as a broken rib cage. It’s an almost seamless transition.
I also admire the colour scheme and co-ordination, it’s not bright and in your face but at the same time it’s not dull and bland or too dark.

Dave McKean has also worked with other bands, creating artwork or the likes of Alice Cooper; Testament; My Dying Bride; Dream Theater; Paradise Lost; Machine Head; Counting Crows and Skinny Puppy, to name a few.