Delerium – Mythologie

Rating: 2.5/5
Released: 2016
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Rhys Fulber and Bill Leep – synthesizers / programming


1. Blue Fires (featuring Mimi Page)
2. Zero (featuring Phildel)
3. Keep on Dreaming (featuring Jaël)
4. Stay (featuring JES)
5. Angels (featuring Mimi Page)
6. Ritual (featuring Phildel)
7. Seven Gates of Thebes
8. Ghost Requiem (featuring Geri Soriano-Lightwood)
9. Once in a Lifetime (featuring JES)
10. Made to Move (featuring Mimi Page)
11. Continuum (featuring Leah Randi)
12. Dark Visions (featuring Mimi Page)


It’s not easy to keep a project fresh for almost 30 years and the last, say, three Delerium albums saw the duo’s creativity fall into a somewhat dull routine. Mythologie, their 15th record, steps a foot or two out of that déjà vu, but there’s still something missing.

A dozen new tracks with a myriad of female singers – each with her own pitch, but almost all within that angelic vocal range, which is rather suitable for the ethereal, dreamlike nature of the melodies. So the opinions may divide regarding these vocals – you either agree that the variety of singers adds character, or you think it’s pointless to have several artists offering the same kind of input and would prefer Mimi Page – apparently the fans’ favorite – to be featured in all tracks. Or maybe Geri Soriano-Lightwood, who sadly only sings in “Ghost Requiem”. She’s the reason for that ‘almost all’ stated above, as her tone is thicker, making it different from the others. The song itself is jazz-ish, being one of the better moments in this record. Like the spellbinding electronics in “Blue Fires” and the catchy chorus in “Ritual”, or the poppy “Stay”. But that’s basically it. Mythologie marks an improvement, considering previous releases, but still remains pretty average.

Review by Renata Lino