Deconstructing Sequence – Access Code by Tom Payne

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Released: 12th August 2014
Band Website:

Deconstructing SequenceBand line-up:

– Morph – Vocals, Synths, and Programming
– Tiberius – Guitar, Bass, and Vocals

Additional Members:

– J. Nerexo – Drums and Production


1. A Habitable World is Found
2. We Have the Access Code


Hailing from Taunton and likely its most extreme export in years, the Deconstructing Sequence duo comprising Morph and Tiberius, here alongside Shadows Land’s J. Nerexo, are releasing into the world the experimental, Access Code. This 2-track effort follows 2013’s debut EP, Year One, and sees the band synthesise elements of black metal, progressive, and post-metal productive of that which they describe as “a mix of technique, atmosphere and brutality that we like to call EXTREME PROGRESSIVE ART”. Amounting to a little over a quarter of an hour’s worth and leaving you feeling like you have well and truly been assaulted, that sounds fitting.

The band’s roots harken back to the progressive black metal act, Northwail, who, following the release of two studio albums, disbanded. Two of the members still harbouring an interest in the somewhat extreme paths wandered a while together, producing the twisted duo we have today. Tiberius’ leviathan guitar tone offering a complimentary space in which Morph’s full-bodied vocals can thrive.

The production of this EP has consumed almost half of the year with guitars, bass, and vocals being recorded at Isolatedsound Studio back in January, the drum tracks being recorded and produced at Monroe Sound Studio in April, and co-production, mixing, and mastering not following suit until June when Arkadiusz “Aro” Jabłoński took the reins. Though what they have here produced undoubtedly pays testament to their prolonged effort.

Track one, “A Habitable World is Found”, is crowned as the record’s sole single. Conceptually, the band describe the piece as “a space-opera metaphor for search of a place on this world, a path that leads to completion of one’s self. It’s also a statement of our musical way”. Musically, it is an assault on the senses, featuring a vocal akin to Kataklysm alongside interspersed intercom samples. The accompanying video produced by Costin Chioreanu, who has previously worked with such acts as Mayhem, Deicide, and Ava Inferi is likewise an eccentric creation. A futuristic and intergalactic animation as apt for an internet mini-series as much as a means of satisfying this duo’s visual aesthetic.

Follower, “We Have the Access Code”, follows suit with technical guitar work over Nerexo’s double bass providing the perfect prefix to Morph’s empowering roars. The tempo persists throughout much of the track, though solace comes in the form of an atmospheric, almost ethereal breakdown, rich with a synthesized soundscape.

Access Code is experimentally a masterpiece, however this EP is not for the faint of heart. If you are new to the genre, then this is not by any means the place to start. Though for those seasoned in the extreme arts, I happily present Deconstructing Sequence.

Review By Tom Payne