Decomposing Entity- So It Begins

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Perennity Records
Released: 2015
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Band Line-up:rsz_cover1

Davorin Švaner – Guitar & Vocals,
Marin Lelas – Drums,
Jurica Jakić – Bass.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Undo The Error
3. Succubus
4. Disgust In Theory
5. Private Session
6. Ripped To Regenerate
7. Social Disease
8. Quai Quae
9. Cocoon


“So It Begins”… Apt name for a debut album and convenient phrase to begin a review of DECOMPOSING ENTITY’s introduction to the death metal world. Formed in 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia, the band have shared the stage with a number of the biggest and best in the genre down the years: BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED and ENTOMBED. So has their stage time influenced their debut?

On the face of it, “So It Begins” has enough tech to get fans of DECAPITATED sitting up to take notice. Make no mistake, DECOMPOSING ENTITY are not aping their Polish peers, but the syncopated riffs, technical flourishes and dissonance found in tracks like “Succubus”, “Ripped To Regenerate” and “Quai Quae” are delicate nods in the direction of. There is none of the epic, grandiose pomp of BEHEMOTH to be found, but the depth and power is evident. It is varied, yet focused; no overwrought passages, and nothing outstays its welcome.

Their debut album has been seven years in the making, yet the gestation period has served it well. It’s a solid album and certainly hints at a very fruitful future for the band – especially after all they have achieved prior to releasing “So It Begins”. It doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the plate, so there’s no reinvention of death metal, but it needn’t do so. There is enough palatable material on offer to please many and to propel the band further. “So It Begins” – aptly-named as heralding the start of what will be a good career for the band.

Review by: Lee Carter