Deathwhite – Ethereal by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label: Unsigned
Distributor/ Label: N/A
Released: 2014

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Album Track listing

1.      Ethereal
2.      When I (Wasn’t) You
3.      Give Up the Ghost
4.      Silenced
5.      Feeding the Illusion
6.      A Burden to Carry

Deathwhite’s journey from 2012 have seen them crafting dark melodic landscapes comparable to bands like Katatonia and Alcest. With their primary focus being toward melodic metal devoid of boundaries,  they continue to push themselves further with this year’s Ethereal EP.

After an acoustic led intro, the infectious drums and catchy guitars slide in with ‘When I (Wasn’t you)’. Vocally, the track remains consistent throughout with a strong sense of melody. Full of hooks and some well measured lead guitar, the band lament their signature sound.

‘Give UP the Ghost’ crashes down with heavy drums, fragile sounding guitars and tortured sounding vocals. Meanwhile the cathartic guitars of ‘A Burden To Carry’ charge at full force, making it an all out high note for the band to depart upon. The acoustic touches also helped to show a greater use of layers within their music.

Overall, this is a worthy EP by a band who take their music seriously. Full of memorable moments and well crafted instrumentation, they know how to make songs that stick and will no doubt in time be onto bigger things with time.

Review by Ben Spencer