Angular black-‘n’-rollers Death Motif have unveiled their three-track blast The Water over at PureGrainAudio. 

Death Motif


The EP is a short blast of the band’s signature sound: 15-minutes of rumbling riffs uniting High On Fire-esque Southern groove with dissonant black metal in the vein of Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. As Merchants Of Air pointed out in their review, “Death Motif clearly found a niche within the ever expanding world of extreme metal by combining some of the most aggressive subgenres they could find…The level of intensity on this EP is stunning.

The site commented, “Austin, Texas is where you’re likely to find Death Motif, a dirty black and roll metal trio, lurking in a dimly-lit alleyway as they load their gear into a small, foul-smelling venue before cranking it up and annihilating the crowd. [They] are savage with their music, but that’s what we want!


You can stream the EP here:


Death Motif are a dirty black ‘n’ roll band from Austin, Texas, who formed in the tail end of 2012 with Ryan Chamberlain from Lions Of Tsavo, who recorded and mixed their début EP. Since then they’ve been on a steady rise through the scene, playing shows with Primitive Man and an upcoming show with Today Is The Day and Abigail Williams. Their second EP, The Water, is just around the corner, recorded at Studio 57 and with Paul White of The Fathom Tree at the mixing helm, and Donner Maldonado engineering it. Things are looking bright for Death Motif, despite the murky half-light in which their music revels.


Death Motif are: 
Andy Bonney, guitar and vocals
Donner Maldonado, bass and vocals
Nikos Riekstins, drums

Death Motif online:

The Water EP releases on 9th September.