The masters of pain-evoking death metal are back with a new epic. This is the band’s most evolved output by far, delving into deeply stirring, poignant leads, dark shades of melancholy, while remaining stoic and powerful, as one should, in their outer demeanor. 

Affliction Gate


The vocalist Herostratos narrates the truth of life with a bleeding voice, for all to hear and learn, as the music enacts its harsh dramatization. For ultimately, you are accountable for your own sins and you have to die yourself, alone, to enter either heaven or hell. ‘Dying Alone’ is an epoch in death metal circa 2016, one that witnesses a convergence of tangible, real life emotions, portraying once again and more elaborately, extreme music with pure anguish, struggle and bitter truth.

“This is easily the band’s strongest material to date.” – No Clean Singing (US)

“Fans of Hail of Bullets, Bolt Thrower and Unleashed take note, because Affliction Gate is poised to make an attempt on the throne.”– The Metal Observer 8.5/10

“soul-wrenching death metal not to be missed, but not for the weak.” – We Love Metal 9/10

“Affliction Gate are likely to have one of 2016’s best death metal EPs. I know that may seem premature, but it’ll take a lot to outmatch ‘Dying Alone’.” – The Killchain (UK)

“one of the most intense, raw, and overall well done albums.” – Head Banger Reviews (US)

“full of that timeless brand of Death Metal” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)

“Unleashed, Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower… That’s a lot of name-dropping, isn’t it? It’s all well-deserved, though, as Affliction Gate meld elements from three of those very different bands together into a damn fine listening experience.” – Metal Altar 9/10

“Creative, convincing, and brutal.” – Merchants of Air (Belgium)

Affliction Gate line up:
Herostratos – Vocals
Grief – Rhythm guitar
Bobby – Lead guitar
Nico – Bass
Laurent M. – Drums

Record Label: Transcending Obscurity –

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