Death Hawks – Death Hawks by Mark Hunter

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: GAEA Records
Released: 2013
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Band line-up:

Teemu Markkula – Vocals/Guitars

Tenho Mattila – Keyboards/Saxophone

Miikka Heikkinen – Drums/Percussion

Riku Pirttiniemi – Bass/Vocals


1. Night Children
2. Cain Go Home (2. Session)
3. Blind Daughter of Death
4. Grim-eyed Goat
5. Quiet Sun
6. Cain Go Home (1. Session)
7. Black Acid


“Death Hawks” is the self-titled follow up to the Finish bands 2012 release, “Death and Decay”.
You can tell that the band are heavily influenced by the krautrock bands of the seventies, which no doubt gave their debut album is distinctly retro style. This latest release, while not a complete departure from this style, moves in a more psychedelic direction.

From the very beginning, “Night Children” leads you into the dream like atmosphere that is created by the haunting whispered vocals and hypnotic bass. You’d be forgiven for feeling like you are about to float away into space, but just before you do the distinctively raw guitar sounds cuts through everything to keep you in touch with reality. This is a theme that seems to continue throughout the record. Everything flows forward seamlessly from track to track. It feels like you are listening to on thirty-five minute track as apposed to 7 separate tracks. This is no bad thing as listening to this beautify crafted piece of music in one sitting is by far the best way to enjoy it.

If you had to pick any tracks that stand out it would have to be the second and penultimate tracks, “Cain Go Home” Session 1 and 2. The combination of a simplistic whistled tune over the again hypnotic rhythm section, gives these two tracks an almost western feel. If there was a Finish cowboy movie then this could be its perfect soundtrack.
The final track, “Black Acid”, is a nine-minute amalgam of wailing saxophone, intricate guitars and chanted vocals in some unknown tongue (at least it is to me anyway), propelled along by the pounding rhythm of the drums.
By the time I reach the end of “Death Hawks” I feel like I have just returned from some sort of out of body experience. In fact I almost forgot what a horrible rainy day it is outside. I think I might just put it on again…..

Review by Mark Hunter