“Deaf To All But Metal” Club&Podcast – Sydney/Australia

Interview By Sabrina Selkis
October 2016




Something is brewing and it’s happening down under! There is a  podcast from two Headbangers who bring Sydney the Deaf To All But Metal club nights.

The hosts, Gary Grim and Tain talk about new releases in Heavy Metal from all over the world, play some new tracks and talk to the people who make metal happen!

They define themselves as:

Gary Grim – chief drunkard, booker for DTABM live shows and music wrangler for the podcast.

Tain – primary stoner, knuckle jockey, poster ruiner and podcast shit talker/wacky morning radio DJ.


Enjoy this very entertaining interview!

*Thank you for taking time to reply to these questions. I would like to start first by asking the obvious question, how did your podcast come to life? When was it born?

Gary: thanks for taking the time to ask these questions! We started our podcast earlier this year (2016), around March or April I think. We had been talking about doing something like this for a while as a form of complementary media to our nightclub that we had started in October of 2015.

Tain: The podcast was something that came together so as to facilitate our talking about new releases in the metal scene, stuff that we might not have a chance to play or talk about at the club. We also wanted it to become something of a conversational hub to discuss current events in the scene internationally and locally.

*The format is very clear, two Metalheads talking music, any wish to have guests at some point? If yes who?

Gary: Actually, in some of our more recent episodes we have conducted some interviews with local metal bands connected to DTABM and the Australian scene. So far we’ve had Reuben from Melbourne folk metal band Stormtide as well as George and Anthony from the Sydney neo-classical speed metal band Fenrir as guests. It’s something we’d like to do more and even expand on with international guests be they in bands or even coming from different roles in the industry.

*You organise Deaf To All But Metal club nights (DTABM), how did they start?

Tain: Gary came up with the idea for the DTABM club nights and approached a few like-minded people such as myself who realised that there weren’t really any nights or clubs that played the music that we want to hear. I’ve played in metal bands for years but never had anything to do with this side of things but was keen to give it a go and be part of something like this because it’s better than doing fuck all about it!


Gary: The whole thing started with me wanting a proper dedicated metal bar here in Sydney. I had been to the UK and a few places in Europe with awesome metal bars and, besides one or two places where calling them a dive bar would be paying them a compliment, we’ve got nothing like that here. Seeing as I have the business sense of Gill from The Simpsons, my friends suggested that I start off promoting a few local gigs first to dip my toe in the water. That blossomed into DTABM.

*Can you describe for us what happens at DTABM? I heard “Burlesque Dancers”, “Pinata”!

Gary: Definitely a lot of drinking happens there…

Tain: We’re currently doing it at a place called The Valve Bar on a roughly monthly basis. We’ve tried to mix up the format a bit. Besides burlesque, we’ve also done a freakshow type thing, we have party games like Black Metal Twister and Pin The Knife In Euronymous with some awesome metal prizes.

Gary: Not to mention some pretty cool local and interstate bands playing as well as heavy DJs and guest DJ playlists sent to us from Henry Rollins and also Fenriz from Darkthrone. As for the crowd, we try to make it as inclusive as possible with a party vibe to the whole thing. We just wanna have fun and enjoy metal before we shuffle off this mortal coil and I think we attract people who feel similarly. We’re both nerdy and awkward so I think that helps people who suffer the same afflictions feel comfortable at our gigs.


*You have great knowledge about many different bands, how are you finding the collaboration with different labels to be able to play their artists songs?

Gary: For the most part, bands and labels have been really cool, helpful and enthusiastic about having their music played on the podcast. It’s helped us become friends with some extremely friendly, amazing people in bands or involved with labels.

*Any favourite labels out there worth mentioning?

Tain: Iron Bonehead, I Voidhanger, Relapse Records, Throatruiner…

Gary: Tain stole my answers! I’d add Debemur Morti, Hammerheart and Season of Mist to that list. There are probably a few that we missed. They’re all labels who have impeccable taste and who help out the underground extreme metal scene big time.


*How is the Metal Scene Down Under? Could you share with us 3 bands we should be aware of and not miss?

Gary: The Aussie metal scene is a fickle mistress to say the least. There are a lot of great bands here that deserve so much more attention than they get but the metal crowds around these parts are strange. Sometimes people don’t give local bands much of a chance and you’ll only ever see them at international shows. There are some most excellent people who give their all in support of more underground Aussie bands, though.

Tain: I definitely agree with Gary. The scene is a strange beast where a band hasn’t “made it” until they’ve been overseas and have come back. But it’s a Catch 22 situation where a lot of bands don’t get the support they need  to do that. I’m sure a lot of international readers would be hard pressed to name even 5 Australian metal bands who are still going today but, trust me, there are so many who are up to an international standard.

Gary: As for groups to look out for, I’ll skip the bands you’ve probably heard of like King Parrot and Portal and mention some that are in need of some press! Off the top of my head, Fenrir, Graveir and Rebel Wizard are the first three that come to mind.

Tain: I’d say Stormtide, Siberian Hell Sounds and Horrisonous.

Gary: Agreed on all fronts. Also, Necrostalgia and Illimitable Dolor!


*You attended European Festivals, in your opinion what are the main differences with the festivals/bands back home?

Tain: I think that there’s a lot less elitism outside of Australia with crowds that would be just as happy to see some underground black metal as well as a band like Europe. Also, because of the proximity of different countries and their bands over in Europe/the UK/the US, it’s much easier to get the resources together to put on higher profile festivals.

Gary: At the moment there is nothing in the way of metal festivals with international metal bands happening over here since the demise of Soundwave. Who knows, if DTABM survives a few more years, maybe we will have the resources to change that! A guy can dream…

*So a DTABM annual Festival could see the light one day?

Gary:Who knows! It would be great if we could pull it off. The thing is that we’re total amateurs who are just wanting to have killer metal parties. As it is, that takes quite a bit of planning. Going bigger with a festival means a lot more work, more planning and more resources than we have. We’re not rich and we never make a lot of money off of this. Any profit we do make goes back into DTABM. So, we would probably have to work up to something like a big festival incrementally until we could sustain something of that calibre financially. With the fickle nature of the scene that we mentioned before, we’d have to come up with something pretty inventive and profitable to help us finance that kind of project. It’s definitely nothing more than a pipe dream but who knows, we’ve pulled off things we never thought we would have in the past. Anything is possible.

I’d probably add that our geographical location makes it hard both financially and planning wise to put together a big time metal festival with international bands. There are a few bigger promoters around with much more experience than us and I’d say they’d be the ones to bring back metal festivals to Australia. I’d love to see it happen even if we aren’t involved.


*Who would be your ideal line up for DTABM events?

Gary: Well, if we had unlimited resources and could pull international bands, I’d put on a festival with bands like Aura Noir, Gnaw Their Tongues, Dragged Into Sunlight, Mgla, Horna, Peste Noire, Revenge, Nails, Grave Miasma, Blood Incantation… and a shitload more all alongside all of the cool local bands we are friendly with.

Tain: I’d add High On Fire, Gojira, Elder, Electric Wizard, Doomraiser, Wildernessking, Estoner and heaps more.

Gary: I’d go to that festival in a heartbeat.

*In an early episode, you  were drinking Whisky and giving us a description of it, which whisky was it and why is it your favourite?

Gary: It must have been really good whisky because I don’t  even remember that! For me it’s Jameson all the way.

Tain: We have a four drink minimum for anyone who appears on the podcast. Ourselves included.

*QuizThemAll… When is the second one happening?

Gary: I have no idea but we’ve been talking about it. When the time is right!


*What is next for both of you?

Tain: Another drink!

Gary: and then a few more. We are involved in a local mini festival in Sydney called Thrash Em All which is happening at the Hideaway Bar in Enmore on the 26th of Nov. On the 23rd of Dec we have a DTABM night happening called “Black Mass Xmas”. So far Sarcophaguts and Black Mountain have been confirmed but we’ll have more to add to that line up soon. Next year, we’ll be shaking things up a bit. We’ll see what happens.

*Anything else you would like to say?

Tain: If you haven’t heard the podcast, check us out. If you’re not from Australia but are heading this way, come hang out and see some good metal at DTABM.

Gary: I’d just like to remind everyone that our consciousness is confined to a decaying flesh prison and both mind as well as body will ultimately fail us. That being said, while you still have your wits about you, support your local metal scene! It will reward you in kind with many great experiences.

Thank You \m/



Listen to the Podcast here : soundcloud.com/deaf-to-all-but-metal

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