Dead Season – Prophecies

Rating: 4.5/5
Dissonances Records
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Band Lineup:

Nicolas Sanson-Bass
Grégoire Galichet-Drums
Guillaume Singer-Guitars
Guy-Noël Hoareau-Guitars
Julien Jacquemond-Vocals


1. The New Man
2. Blood Links Alienation
3. Prohibition of God
4. Homogenetic
5. Guidestones
6. Ministry of Thruth
7. Endless War
8. Four Minutes of Hate
9. Mind Entertainement
10. Sexual Binging
11. The Dissident Part I
12. The Dissident Part II


Dead Season have returned with their second full release following on from two EPs that they released back in 2014. The quintet from Lille, France have utilised the last three years to create ‘Prophecies’, an hour long, twelve track beast of an album which is certainly worth the wait for any fan of the band.ds-2017-lodef

The band has always had a flair for the absurdly grand with the music that they create. What we have in this album is a natural progression from their first full release ‘From Rust To Dust’. The sound has evolved in many ways from their earlier works but is not altogether different. From the more riffy based direction throughout their first album we now have more focus on creating more larger and anthemic sounds to construct the rhythm sections. The lead work has also taken the next step as has all other facets of this band. The end result is a massive album of heavy and transcending music.deadseason 2017 lodef

From the first track ‘New Man’ we get a full on taste of Dead Season’s musical prowess. Having read before that they were seen as a thrash band I was rather surprised when hearing this. Yes, there may be certain elements but this music is more akin to melodic death except with Julien Jacquemond’s insanely wide-ranging vocals. It’s like having the deep baritone of Mike Patton, the impeccable range of Vortex and the crushing growls of Peter Tägtgren in one voice. His range is met by the band’s abilities to make some diverse music.

Songs like the anthemic ‘Prohibition OF God’ and the Orwellian Dystopian based ‘Ministry of Thruth’ where the words of INGSOC are boomed to devastating effect capture the crushing weight of the music and themes that this band can bring to life. The technique and tonal range of guitarists Guillame Singer and Guy-Noel Hoareau are exemplary as they will construct rhythm through almost any means. The drumming from Grégoire Galichet is perfectly poised and expertly measured. At times the fills that he produces are perfect and elevate the impact of each track. There’s also no forgetting the brutal barrage of rhythmic libes from bassist Nicolas Sanson who comes to life in the instrumental ‘Four Minutes Of Hate’.

It’s hard to pick a favourite as the album as a whole is exceptional and has everything that a fellow metal head could enjoy. The album ends with the two part ‘The Dissident’. Again we have consistent quality exhibited by the band as we get more anthemic music which is completely full on. This album is a cracker and well worth investigating. The French metal scene has produced some giant bands such as Gojira and the other large bands such as Svart Crown and Trepalium are making waves in their own varieties of metal. Dead Season are a band that has the potential and certainly the talent to stand beside these great bands and bring the French extreme scene to the forefront of European metal.

Review by: Pete Mutant