Dawn of Oblivon Unleash new Album

Swedish gothic metal veterans Dawn of Oblivion are back with a new album, entitled Phoenix Rising.
The title symbolizes not only the band’s reunion, but also personal challenges and tragedies the band members have endured over the years.

The album is mastered at the SafeHouse Production studio in Florida by legendary James Murphy (Testament, Obituary, Death) to give the songs a darker, more Wiccan atmosphere, according to the band.  With their unique sound Dawn of Oblivion create  eerie and atmospheric tunes such as   “Within the Realms of the King of Amur” and faster gothic metal with powerful choruses shown on “Anubis”, inspired by the ancient Egyptian underworld.

Album highlights are the very personal, naked and emotive “Years” that closes the album and the opener “Demons of the Cross” that deals with the catholic betrayals during the holocaust. Dawn of Oblivion build their musical landscapes from the deep, dark forests of Scandinavian winters. “The Pathfinder”, inspired by an old Sami legend is a magnificent example of this and of course the nocturnal and hypnotic “The Black Pilgrim” with choir arrangements almost resembling to horror movies.


Phoenix Rising is available from the band’s official site here
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