Dawn of Eternity – Guilty

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: NRT-Records
Released: 1st November 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.nrt-records.com/
Band Website: http://www.dawnofeternity.de/

Dawn of Eternity
Band line-up:

Sebastian Klüfer – Bass
Torsten Ossowicki – Drums
Sara Seubert – Lead Vocals
Johannes Kittel – Guitar


01. Ego
02. Goodbye
03. Cut Me Loose
04. Armorticure
05. Sing For Me
06. Guilty
07. Blind My Eyes
08. No Emotions
09. You Suck
10. Oceans
11. Fire
12. The Storm (Opening)
13. Everytime
14. Shame
15. London
16. My God My Foe

A quote from the German band reads as follows” A clear beautiful female voice, shattered with evil growls and hard riffs, we are Dawn of Eternity; A new force in metal was formed on a faithful afternoon in 2007… An evil mistress took hostages and forced them to play for her. Now we have come down and like her! Clear beautiful lines sung in an angel voice, meeting hard riffs and fast beats and some screaming…don’t miss it, or the mistress will beat us and burn down your house” It’s a good description. In fact if the Novel Dante’s Inferno had a soundtrack, this would be it.

The above maybe tongue in cheek but the band are very serious about their music and the driving force is definitely the female singer and pianist Sara Seubert. The main emphasis on the music is the shades of dark and light created by Sara’s lighter, almost operatic voice fighting against the deep, heavy sounds and topped up with Johannes Kittel’s cruel, guttural, death born voice. It all works brilliantly together.

This deluxe album brings 16 tracks; the original release of 11 plus additional tracks from their earlier release.

Opening track ‘Ego’ comes on and I have to check the genre is correct. It’s a bit peaceful……oh, ok….now the track kicks in…..that’s more like it. Goodbye has a brutal start and both voices are vying to come to the forefront. The tempo rises throughout with the music, rather than the voices winning in the end. Great musicianship. Next up is Cut me loose and I realise we are not going to have any songs about fluffy kittens here. Don’t expect any Christmas cheer in this one( Yay), we even get a little 80’s riff hidden under the dirty sound.

‘Amorticure’ signals the album kicking up a gear and getting a bit more melodic whilst keeping the sounds from the gutter in the background. Each track lifts in intensity from here on in. Sing for me is a thrash fest from the beginning. The riffs are heavy, melodic, furious and like a nail gun to the head. Sara goes for a full operatic rendition…..kind of like a Nightwish for the devil. The title track is an absolute belter. Black Sabbath riffage from the onset. As constant as a metronome and imagine Ozzy snorting estrogen instead of ants. This track will ring true to a lot of people out there. Its about not thinking you are good enough. I loved this song and it has been played on repeat for days.

‘Blind My Eyes’ has Johanne at the forefront, which works brilliantly. In fact a personal opinion is we should hear a bit more of him as it works so well with the music. No emotions starts with an acoustic( yes acoustic) guitar before settling into the normality that is Dawn of Eternity. I wonder who the track You Suck is aimed at( answers on a postcard please). Oceans sets out to give you a calming feeling( like the eye of a storm?). The song writing is getting stronger and the music is much more orchestrated as each song progresses. I can see there will be a good few songs on this being played live and working well, especially the more extreme ones.

‘Fire’ brings back the acoustic, toned lovely with the vocals. We get a real feeling of desperation here. At the bottom of the well with not even a crack of light. It sounds a bit like Alice in Chains but the voice changes it completely. This shows Sara’s range off well. A very haunting song. The storm takes us back. Very Sabbath sounding from their own title song. Full on storm sounds and crashing guitars. Everytime has a much grittier demo feel. You can see why the band gained a following from this. Shame is a lazy, Sunday Death metal song( if there is such a thing).

‘London’ is obviously a factual depiction…slightly worrying again. Again it has a lazy feeling. You can actually feel the band finding their way and sound. You can see the steps they have taken to the newer material which bodes well for their future. My God my Foe finishes things off. The guitars are crisper, more mainstream than the others( think Metallica black album). The song breaks into what is almost a punk song. A great tune though and another live stalwart I bet.

So to Sum up ‘Dawn of Eternity’ in the form of a school report. Great effort. Almost there. Work hard and grow your sound. Works well in a group and extra points for initiative. If we go American style they are most likely to wear black, go it alone, find their own groove and possibly kick a lot of ass.

Review by Ritchie Birnie