Dark Suns – Orange, by Jo Blackened

Nico Knappe – Vocals, Drums
Maik Knappe – Guitars
Torsten Wenzel – Guitars
Jacob Müller – Bass
Ekkehard Meister – Piano, Organ

1. Toy
2. Eight Quiet Minutes
3. Elephant
4. Diamond
5. Not Enough Fingers
6. Ghost
7. That Is Why They All Hate You in Hell
8. Vespertine
9. Scaleman
10. Antipole

My first reaction when pressing play was; Erm..what the hell is going on?!!
A mixture of insane sounds, different music direction every few minutes it took me awhile to get my head around it, but I was happy to know this was just the intro track and although not a song to be listening to when you have a hangover it is infact a great album which soon calms down and balances out by the smooth vocals of Nico Knappe!

Dark Suns have always been committed to prog, with their previous albums, the melancholic ‘Existence’ (2005) and the highly complex ‘Grave Human Genuine’ (2008), they gave fresh impetus to progressive metal, and the direction of impact in the year 2011 clearly is rock.

‘Orange’ won’t appeal to everyone, but they have a great prog rock sound especially with their 70’s feel, great production and sound this is one experimental album with every track having something different.

I found this to be a fun and exciting album! A fantastic mix of Progressive rock, with some impressive music and vocals…I loved it!