Dark Matter Secret – Perfect World Creation

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: The Artisan Era Records
Distributor/Label URL: http://www.theartisanera.com/products
Released: 2/6/17
Buy Album: https://theartisanera.bandcamp.com/album/perfect-world-creation
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/denisshvartsguitarproject/

Dark Matter Secret album artwork

Band Line-up:

Denis Shvarts – Guitars,
Pavel Semin – Bass,
Andrey Ischenko – Drums.

Track Listing:

1. Chaos Born
2. Ancient Gods Genesis
3. Emergence Of Time
4. Synthesis Of Matter
5. Constellation Glows
6. Organic Nucleation
7. Perfect World Creation


The instrumental genre can be an exceptionally tough nut to crack. Where bands and artists often fail is in the over-reliance on instrumental solos and death by technicality – it can be an absolute chore to wade through an album’s worth of material when there’s little to no substance to grasp onto. That’s what brings us back to our favourite pieces each time – those little moments that pop out, bore into your brain and demand to be replayed.

These sorts of albums require a classical-mindset – by all means, write those wickedly complex passages of micro-tonal guitar scales that weave between keys and astral plains, but ensure that there’s a centre-point to revolve around. Be that a motif, riff or lick, it doesn’t matter – birth your song from there and you’ll make something of interest. On the evidence provided on “Perfect World Creation” by the Russian triumvirate DARK MATTER SECRET, it’s safe to say that they’ve been schooled properly.

As the final notes of opener “Chaos Born” decays, the album springs to life in a flurry of blistering drums, popping bass and wickedly technical guitars that swirl and caress the ears into another celestial realm. The groove beheld in the latter stages of “Ancient Gods Genesis” harks to the cock-sure swagger of 80s hard rock, yet when coupled with soaring space-esque melodies, it sounds really rather unique. It’s actually the focus on melody that sets this album apart from the myriad of tech death records – that is the substance to hang onto. The twisted melodies present on album gem “Organic Nucleation” really takes on an alien-like guise which marries delightfully with the near-nightmarish artwork.

It’s not flawless, far from it. There are plenty of points through the album when it just passes by under a glut of technical shred. There’s demonstration of one’s prowess and command over an instrument, and then there’s just showboating. It doesn’t quite broach into the latter’s territory, but it is treading a fine line between the two. Matters aren’t helped by the album’s song lengths – there’s nothing wrong with a long song, but it may have been beneficial for DARK MATTER SECRET to trim the fat a little.

Nevertheless, these Russians ably demonstrate both technical prowess and an understanding of weaving substance into an oft-devoid genre. “Perfect World Creation” will certainly satisfy a great number of tech fiends out there who are looking for aggressive and heavy instrumental metal with leanings towards the spacey-death end of the spectrum. It may not be a perfect creation, but it’s a commendable start and allows for plenty of evolution to occur in future.

Review by: Lee Carter