Dancing Crap – Commercial Crap EP by Mark Hunter

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2013
Band Website: http://www.dancingcrap.com/

Band line-up:

Ronnie Abeille – Vocals
Leonardo Lion – Guitar
Bobby Gaz – Bass
Michael Montanaro – Drums



1. Don’t ask for More
2. Hey Ronnie
3. Broken Record Player
4. Another Crazy in the World
5. Chandra


Blending elements of punk and rock and roll, this latest EP from Italian outfit, Dancing Crap, certainly packs some punch.
From the word go you get a sense that the band wants to get you on your feet with the energetic “Don’t Ask For More”. Singer and founding member Ronnie Abeille demands that you “blast me on the stereo” and I tend to agree. This is by far the best way to listen to these songs. Loud!
The EP continues in the same vain as the opening track, maintaining the energetic approach with “Broken Record Player”. For me this is the stand out track. A catchy chorus, a rhythm section that makes me want to pogo and a pretty nice guitar solo thrown in to too. The other tracks, while still fun and upbeat, don’t really stand out quite as much as the two I have previously mentioned.
After listening to “Commercial Crap” I wonder if a full-length release would be able to capture the momentum of that they built up with some of the songs on this EP. I definitely want to check these guys out live, and it just happens that they are scheduled to play in London on the 22nd of May at the White Lion. If they can bring half the energy that this EP does then it would have the makings of a good night.
Dancing Crap may be an odd name, but it describes perfectly what you should be doing while listening to this band. Dancing…Crap!

Review By Mark Hunter