Dan Deagh Wealcan – Who Cares What’s Playing in my Headphones

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Total Metal Records
Released: 2015
Buy Album: http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/1/5011
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/DanDeaghWealcan

Band Line up:

Mikhail A. Repp – Guitar, Programming and Keyboards
Eugene “Iowa” Zoidze-Mishchenko – Vocals and Lyrics


Track Listing:

1. Anamorphic widesound
2. Dogs In a Box
3. Easy Way – Long Way
4. No More Than Usual
5. Neutral Moment
6. What Was That?
7. Baseless Hatred
8. I Killed Everything That was Good In Me
9. Endless apathy


Ok, I am just going to say it straight away, I really really like this! From the first listen to the fifteenth listen and beyond, I really like this album!

‘Who Cares What’s Playing in my Headphones?’ is the sophmore album from East European duo Dan Deagh Wealcan. Splitting the recording between their native countries, Russia and Ukraine, these guys have created something quite special in my opinion.

The bands bio states that this album is “an attempt to embrace different styles and genres”, and embrace it does. While most of the songs on the record maintain an industrial core, Dan Deagh Wealcan fuse this with various conflicting styles to create their own unique sound. From the electronic approach of the opening tracks ‘Anamorphic widesound’ and ‘Dogs In a Box’, to the more post-rock leanings of ‘No More Than Usual’ and ‘I Killed Everything That was Good In Me’, it comes together perfectly. There are even elements of hardcore in ‘Baseless Hatred’, sounding like an industrial Dillinger.

My favourite track on this album is ‘Easy Way – Long Way’, probably the duos most progressive effort. At nine minutes, this track is a powerful example of everything that Dan Deagh Wealcan are trying to do. It’s a mental melding pot of genres with driving industrial riffs, post-rock electronic enhancements and a progressive arrangement.

I’m not going to say listen to this if you like this band or that band. I am going to recommend this to anyone that is looking for something different or looking for something experimental. This is about as different and as experimental as they come and it’s bloody fantastic!

Review by Mark Hunter