Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Freezing Penguin/Svart Records
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Released: 2014
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curimus artificial revolution


Band line-up:

Marko Silvennoinen – Vocals
Juha-Matti Helmi – Guitar
Juho Manninen – Bass
Jari Nieminen – Drums



1. Reincarnation
2. Free-Standing Nation
3. No Feast For The Vultures
4. Faith & Obsession
5. Love Song
6. In The Darkness
7. Blade In – Blood Out
9. Preachings
8. Unchained
10. Depraved
11. Born Yesterday


Gone are the days when thrash metal consisted of the big four; Testament,Overkill, Exodus and a few other lesser known greats. Now Thrash takes on a whole range of different sounds…some embrace the 80’s American style, others, particularly from Europe, are taking thrash metal to new, more aggressive and technical lofty heights. Finland’s Curimus have been making thrash metal for a decade now and their sophomore full length ‘Artificial Revolution’ encompasses that modern aggressive thrash sound and yes,they do it well.

It’s pretty clear forty five seconds into ‘Reincarnation’, the album’s fierce opening track, that ‘Artificial Revolution’ is going to be a no-holds-barred affair. Immediately the heaviest period of Sweden’s The Haunted came to mind as well as recent Soulfly, it’s heavy, well produced modern thrash and the next few tracks continue in a similar vein. Marko Silvennoinen’s impressive vocals sit nicely over some fantastic guitar riffs by Juha-Matti Helmi, most notable for me in tracks such as ‘Faith and Obsession’ and ‘Unchained’, all driven along by Jari Nieminen’s superb, not over-complicated drumming. The band clearly aren’t afraid to change things up either, slower intersections in tracks such as ‘In The Darkness’ do a good job of showcasing good Bass work by Juho Manninen.
Sometimes, these sections work less well than others, especially towards the latter stages of the album, while it never at any point becomes bad, after 40 minutes the slower parts of ‘Preachings’ and ‘Depraved’ become filler as you wait for the next assault. That’s when Curimus sound best, when literally assaulting my ears as they do on the album’s closer ‘Born Yesterday’.

In closing, Curimus are very promising outfit. ‘Artificial Revolution’, given the right amount of press and promotion could be their foot in the door for bigger, better things. They’re good enough to rival their peers and a major release could catapult them into the metal mainstream. ‘Artificial Revolution’ is heavy, hard hitting and to the point, Most of these tracks would more than satisfy circle pit enthusiasts in a live environment. I for one am intrigued to see what they do next and how far they go.

 Review by Andy Taylor