Cult of Skull – Dark Apparel


Interview by Sabrina Selkis
April 2017

In this online age, it can be hard to find something that stands out. Cult Of Skull isn’t like any other dark apparel brand. The small but professional artisan business based in Madrid is creating very interesting and attractive occult and horror themed designs.


Let’s learn more about this up and coming dark apparel brand.

How was Cult of Skull born?

Hello, I’m Gema and I’m from Madrid,Spain. In 1999 I finished my studies of Fashion Design and I worked for some clothing companies as a designer, but I realized that was not what I wanted to do, I just didn’t want to make commercial fashion for other brands, I wanted to create my own brand with the kind of clothes that I would wear.

I have always loved T-shirts. I collect them. They are versatile and  they are a distinguishing feature for those who wear them. I think they are a part of you somehow, the same way pins can be. So I took up a silk screen printing course, I saved some money and I set up a little workshop with a second hand screen printing machine and the rest of the essential materials.

When it came to give a name to the brand I blended one of my personal obsessions, which is skulls, with the name of my favorite band: The Cult. Hence, Cult of Skull.

Some time later, Angel, my partner, joined the project.. We are actually  just two people, working in this little workshop. Trying to find the balance between this thing we love and our day jobs!


Can you take us though your creative process from start to finish?

We always have ideas going around our heads. Sometimes we have a very clear idea of what we want to do, some other times we may be inspired by movies that we love, books, art, music, etc… We work on those ideas and try to figure out how they would look on a T-shirt. Sometimes we use photographs and some other times we work with sketches that we later retouch in our computer in order to create an image that can be screen printed. Once you get the final design we create the transparency with the image. After a photographic process we get a screen that we will be able to print on the T-shirt.

We work to order, we print the T-shirts one by one, manually,in a completely artisan way, and we mind every little detail.


What materials do you use? How important for you is the eco friendly part?

We only use biodegradable and eco-friendly products. Our inks are water-based, PVC and Phthalate-free ,they are non toxic. Our T-shirts and bags meet the Oeko tex standard and they are Fair trade certificate. All of our products are vegan. For us it is essential to respect nature, animals and the fair treatment to all the workers that create the T-shirts and bags that we use for our brand.


What inspire you for your designs?

We basically create T-shirts that we would wear. We are horror film geeks! We love the classic Universal and Hammer horror films. We also love dark art, artists such as Bosch, Goya, Doré, medieval art. Anything that has to do with the macabre, witchcraft or the occult is attractive for us.


What is it that attracts you to the occult?

I have always been fascinated by esoterism, the occult, witchcraft, black magic, alchemy and hermeticism. I have been interested and read about it since I was a teenager.

All things occult and dark have always attracted me. I guess this is because of the way I see the world. I have always rejected everything that is supposed to be conventional or orthodox, any established trends or behaviours, anything that is imposed or politically correct. I don’t believe in any of that.


You create tshirts, button pins and tote bags. Will the collection expand to other supports? What is next for Cult Of Skull?

Sure! We are always thinking about doing new stuff. At the moment we are testing a few designs for patches that we hope we can release soon. There are also plans to do sweatshirts and leggings in the near future.


Have you ever had your design worn by musicians?

No. Not so far! We would love to, though! At the moment we are collaborating with DJs creating T-shirts for events and club sessions.

I like very much a lot of Doom metal, Stoner, Death metal and Viking-pagan metal bands, and also Gothic bands. Some of my favourite bands are Amorphis, Moonspell, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Down, Sepultura, Slayer… they are some examples.
I would love it if any of those bands would ever wear my brand!


How do you advertise your brand and where can people find your designs?

We have Facebook and Instagram accounts (@cultofskull) where we post stuff that we like as well as upcoming designs, special offers, etc.

We have an online shop ( and we also sell on platforms like Cvlt Nation Bizarre (

Our biggest listing though is right now on Etsy (

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Anything else you would like to mention?

We would just like to thank everyone who support us and everyone who keeps trusting us and who wears our brand. Even if we are small they make us feel big!