Static Tension Recordings are pleased to announce that they will re-issue Ctulu’s  Sarkomand for a North American release. The album  will be released on CD, casstte and digital on October 2nd.  Sarkomand was originally released in Europe in 2011 and a vinyl was produced in 2014. The band’s sound is best described as old-school influenced black metal. 



About Ctulu

Ctulu was formed in 2004 by Mathias Junge  With their experience of live performances  including a tour with Taake, Ragnarök Festival  (DE), Infernal Damnation (UK) and various shows outside their homeland (Cyprus, Netherlands, France) and a stable and  powerful line up  consisting of  the twin vocal and guitar attack from  founder Mathias Junge and Arne Uekert, Roman Szymura (AEBA) on drums and Lasse Bodenstein on bass, the Northern Germans have put their unique ‘Seastorming Extreme Metal’ on the map of heavy metal

Ctulu demonstrate how a band can bring variety to the table and yet not stray away too  far from their roots. With the music’s themes,  German lyrics and imagery deeply based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, Ctulu create not only  Seastorming Extreme Metal but black metal poetry.

The band is now working on their fourth full length which will see a return to the catchy, straightforward  but not lacking in atmosphere
black metal which is found on Sarkomand