Ctulu – Ctulu

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: MDD Records
Distributor/Label URL: http://mdd-records.de/
Released: 18/11/16
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Band Website: http://www.ctulu.de/

Ctulu - Ctulu

Band Line-up:

M. – Guitar & Vocals,
A. – Guitar, Bass & Vocals.
I.D. – Drums.

Track Listing:

1. Serce Krwawe
2. Treibjagd
3. Totenhauswinde
4. Rozgoryczona, Rozczarowana, A Gotowa Na Wszystko
5. Heerführer Der Herrenlosen
6. Dämmerung
7. Von Mondeswächtern Und Menschverächtern
8. Die Arkaden von R’lyeh


The German market for bands is a guaranteed banker for quality, and CTULU’s latest release marks their fourth foray into the extreme metal pond. Bearing the name of the H.P. Lovecraft’s famous cosmic entity, it won’t take cosmologists long to guess the band’s sound.

Blending a mix of everything extreme in thrash, black, death and doom metal, this self-titled affair is wicked, aggressive and chocked full of menace. The choral sample in “Totenhauswinde” sounds positively old and haunting, whilst CTULU can riff like there’s no tomorrow: from the militarily-precise staccato of “Heerführer Der Herrenlosen”, to the thrash-tastic “Von Mondeswächtern Und Menschverächtern” – it’s a veritable buffet for the riff-lords amongst you.

Whilst full-to-bursting with menace and riffs, “Ctulu” can often pass by in a haze. Oftentimes it feels like stock black metal meets thrash (aggression, aggression and more aggression), which is a shame as there is some genuinely killer passages (none more so than when those haunting choral vocals are employed – it’s as if The Great Old One is speaking himself). In terms of pace, it can also feel a little one-dimensional – it’s turned up to eleven and the knob ripped off. The impact of speed can feel a little lost when it is only blasting away.

Despite this, CTULU can feel safe in the knowledge the The Great Old One will be satisfied with this ode to his name. It’s extreme and will keep a myriad of people happy from the thrashing and blackened circles of metal. But for a little progression on those choral vocals and a little push-and-pull for tempo, “Ctulu” would be enveloping the world in its darkness.

Review by: Lee Carter