Cruciamentum @ The Garage, London

November 23rd, 2015
Review by Ann Sulaiman

One night after Doro Pesch in the main hall, The Garage venue in London catered to the underground of the metal scene with an intimate show upstairs. The night featured Manchester trio, Burial,  rising death metal heavyweights, Cruciamentum, and an exclusive appearance from Finland’s own Corpsessed.

11885377_525636007594486_7189356005499939555_n The show opened with Burial, as they delivered a slice of brutal blackened death metal. While sinister enough in their staccato drums and ominous guitars, the standard chugged vocals and pig squeals kept them within the range of “decent enough”, though new fans will likely disagree.

By contrast, their peers in Corpsessed played more powerfully, owing to the adage about ‘slow and steady’ winning the race (if there even was one outside of this review). From a slow, restrained intro into a meatier fare like ‘Crypt Infester’ and ‘Ravening Tides’, the band gradually built up towards a creeping atmosphere of measured grooves and growls. The result was akin to old school death doom names like fellow Finns Hooded Menace, in that Corpsessed were able to uphold their viciousness by relying on a jogged trot rather than a sprint.


Crypt Infester
Ravening Tides
Impetus of the Dead
Altar of Worms
The Dagger & The Chalice

Cruciamentum followed next, in front of a crowd which gathered eagerly by the small stage. Though not as exactly drawn out as their co-headliners musically, the band still performed a strong hour of pummelling ferocity. Wasting no time, they opened straight from recent albumm “Charnel Passages” with the likes of ‘The Conquered Sun’ and ‘Necrophagus Communion’. Tightly interwoven guitars and relentless drumming fell with heavy stomps, as frontman D.L. roared and grunted into each song with fierce yet calm abandon.

While the new record was the main focus of their set, having only come out in September this year, Cruciamentum did move all the way to first demo ‘Rotten Flesh Crucifix’. In spite of the glowing reviews of the newer release, the earlier material was also important (especially as the atmosphere of said demo’s low sound production was ideal for a live gig).


The Conquered Sun (The Dying Light Beyond Morpheus Realms)
Necrophagous Communion
Convocation of Crawling Chaos
Rites to the Abduction of Essence
Intromantical Scream/Deathless Ascension
Piety Carved From Flesh
Thrones Turned To Rust
Dissolution of Mortal Perception
Rotten Flesh Crucifix