Crowbar – Symmetry in Black

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2014
Distributor/Label: Century Media Records
Band Website:

[ALBUM] [Natalya Kuznetsova] Crowbar – Symmetry in Black


1. Walk with Knowledge Wisely
2. Symmetry in White
3. The Taste of Dying
4. Reflection of Deceit
5. Ageless Decay
6. Amaranthine
7. The Foreboding
8. Shaman of Belief
9. Teach the Blind to See
10. A Wealth of Empathy
11. Symbolic Suicide
12. The Piety of Self-Loathing


Kirk Windstein – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Brunson – Guitar
Tommy Buckley – Drums
Jeff Golden – Bass


Conjured from myth covered streets of New Orleans by Kirk Windstein, Crowbar released their debut album in 1991 and grew as a name in their native metal-scene. In the middle of the 90s, the four-piece had accomplished tours with Paradise Lost, Napalm Death and Pantera amongst others, but over time reduced their activity. In 2005 Crowbar almost ceased to exist but they returned 6 years later with a successful record, “Sever the Wicked Hand”. They don’t rush with new material, thus leaving their fans in anticipation.

It’s safe to say that those with high expectations will be rewarded. The album unites genres such as sludge-metal, groove-metal and doom-metal. One can hear many influences and fusions but it’s hard to define which musical style turns these US metallers on the most. The bewitching doom riffs will do little to dry the tears of the sorrowful, but this twelve-tracker acts as somewhat of an emotional mirror, in a black out glass of harsh and roaring vocals, intense riffs and slow, dark compositions.

As for who to recommend this album to, it’s probably a fairly narrow market, mainly consisting of loyal fans and beard bearers who spend their perfect Saturday night bobbing their heads above the Strongbow sticky floors of Camden’s rock pubs. No-nonsense and well condensed, this record is Crowbar in a nutshell.