Crow Dance – New World Order by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label: Unsigned
Released: 2014
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Band Line up

Alex Seretis – Vocals
Vasilis Pappas – Guitars
N.V.A. – Bass
Alex Fyraridis – Drums
Marios Giotakis – Keyboards & Synths

Track listing

1. Awakening
2. New World Order
3. Cemetery of Souls

Since their formation in 2007, Crowdance have been busy harnessing their industrial and metal hybrid to professional standard. Their latest offering, New World Order, showcases the band’s versatile and interesting song writing abilities, whilst focusing upon themes of future societies being governed by through physical and psychological coercion.

Opening with ‘Awakening’ the guitars and punchy drums drive onward within the first couple of minutes. The electronic beeps and vocals sweep in, bringing a greater sense of focus as the chorus comes in with backing vocals and all round grittiness before the guitar solos take centre stage.

Next up, ‘New World Order’ enters with an electronic intro and consistent riffs bouncing back and forth. The piercing clean vocals barge forward driving everything forward as the harsher sounding screams reside in the background, adding more depth. This track features some infectious guitar work, that heightens to a galloping thrash driven pace.

Tailing off with the melodic ‘Cemetery of Souls’, the clean vocals and churning bass give an eerie sense within the opening minutes. The melodic touches, give the track a colder feel, whilst the harsher vocals maintain the band’s ability to offer up a dingy hard hitting rock sound. The guitars slide into further fret board wizardry, showcasing once again just how tight they are.

This record surprised me in terms of versatility and style. Although this may only be a short offering of songs, it does provide enough influences to pull together a solid combination of rock and metal. What’s more, is that the songs themselves remain interesting without lapsing into overly drawn out prog influences, making it more accessible to those who like music with immediacy. Definitely a band worth keeping an eye out for.