Crooked Lizard – Ink by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-Released
Released: 2014
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crooked lizard

Band line-up

Tom Hemmings: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Roberta Lawson: Drums/Vocals
Mike Sheriff: Bass/Vocals

Track listing

1. Devils Lullaby
2. Motor mouth
3. Chasing Gold
4. Cheeky Fly
5. I Wish I Knew
6. Oh Jonny
7. Whispered Mistakes
8. Monster


Yorkshire trio, Crooked Lizard, having been building a strong following on the underground since their formation and have also set to play some festivals around their home area. With their debut album Ink, on the horizon they are sure to reach new horizons with their mix of hard hitting rock and toe taping blues melodies.


Opening with ‘Devil’s Lullaby’ the catchy guitars and clean vocals breeze by with some smooth sounding bass lines. The drums and backing vocals keep the momentum going throughout, making this a solid opener for the record.

‘Motor Mouth’ plays out in a similar manner, with solid drums and well measured guitar work. Vocally, everything falls into place with well crafted lyrics and a steady pace. The lead guitar leaks in and raises the bar for the band’s song writing abilities, as the backing vocals return in full force.

Personal highlight, ’Chasing Gold’ sways in with meandering riffs and catchy bass grooves. The transition between the verse and chorus works harmoniously together , making this an all round accessible track that is no doubt a fan favourite.

The record maintains a strong level of consistency throughout its duration, from the acoustic driven ‘I Wish I Knew’ to the guitar hooks in ‘Whispered Mistakes’ that is guaranteed to get heads turning at live shows.

Closing off with ‘Monster’, the band bring a more introspective sound, with thought provoking lyrics and acoustic led melodies. The drums and bass guitar weave in around halfway, giving both focus and density to the final moments of the record, ending everything on a strong departure.

Whilst this record remains as authentic to the blues rock genre; it also feels refreshing upon the ears for several reasons. Firstly, the level of musicianship feels top notch and the overall production of the album feels fit’s the sound perfectly, giving the record an organic flow that is as alluring as it is memorable.