Crimson Hill – Denied by Tony Bliss

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: CD Baby
Released: July 8th 2014
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10527817_685782494825559_10200191292522253_nTRACK LISTING:

1) Truth Within
2) White Turns To Black
3) Message To Continue
4) Blind With Hatred
5) Twisted Fate
6) My Bloody Lover
7) Broken Mirrors
8) Wings Of Death
9) Salvation


Vocals – Mete Aker
Guitar – Ahmet Aydemir
Guitar – Can Ersalıcı
Bass – Gürkan Yücel
Drums – Hasan H. Uçma


Calling to mind the early endeavors of melo-death godfathers such as In Flames and their Scandinavian ilk, Turkish quintet Crimson Hill undoubtedly fall short of injecting their rather familiar craft with any prodigious curve-balls or genre splicing innovation, yet given the metallic stomp and deathly clamour which greets us on debut offering ‘Denied’, perhaps the ain’t-broke-don’t-fix formula could bode well for these accomplished newcomers.

All twin harmony lead lines and traditionally leaning riffage, Crimson Hill pedal a pleasing married of melody and muscle which both nods towards the time honoured blueprint of Maiden and Priest, but imbues this heritage worship with liberal lashings of contemporary tech-minded ferocity (‘White Turns To Black’) and underground putridity. Think a less bombastic Children Of Bodom and you won’t be miles off the mark.

‘Denied’s appeal lies in what is a simply focus on songwriting fortitude. Instrumentally infectious, vocally rabid and providing a pleasant throwback to what saw melodic death metal deliver such a wide eyed impact nearly two decades ago, this is an album which, whilst still a distance from the finished article, is brimming with promise from an outfit undoubtedly steeped in metallic know-how and dexterous proficiency. Ones to watch!