Creinium – Project Utopia by Matt Tustin

Rating:  3/5
Distributor/label: Inverse Records
Released:  April 2014
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[ALBUM] Creinium - Project Utopia Matt Tustin (1)

Band line-up:

Miiro Varjus – Bass
Mikko Asplund – Guitars
Tone Nyström – Guitars
Sami Haimilahti – Vocals
Antti Myllynen – Keyboards
Aleksi Holma – Drums


1.    Societal Collapse
2.    Project Utopia
3.    New World Order
4.    Eschaton
5.    Synthetic Paradise





Creinium formed in 2012, around the bones of Alexi Holma and Antti Myllynen, who had been band mates before.   They quickly gathered together a group of musicians and put together Creinium, a black metal band with strong prog, death and melodic influences.

Project Utopia, their first ‘proper’ release (following a slick demo, Modern World Tyranny) is a strong statement of intent, mixing up a genre that, let’s be honest, is getting a little stale these days, and bringing something fresh to the table.  Opening with ‘Societal Collapse’, a deeply atmospheric intro, all synth and commanding, spoken, apocalyptic vocals, the EP doesn’t kick in until the title track, when the guitars and drums kick in, driving and punching, with a strong melody and layers of keys over the top, growled and belted vocals mix to create something unholy and pleasing.

[ALBUM] Creinium - Project Utopia Matt Tustin (2)

‘New World Order’ is a proggier affair.  Still brutal, but switching several times to make one big fat joy, and this trend is continued throughout the rest of the EP.

As a whole, this is a really intriguing first offering from a band that are poised to break, in my humble opinion.  It’s a strong start, and they will only go from strength to strength from here on in.

I’m looking forward to a full length album from these guys, given the ideas in here that are bursting at the seams.

Recommended for genre fans, and people new to this kind of Metal.

Review by Matt Tustin