CrashDollz – Self Titled

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label:  CrashDollz Records
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Released: 2015
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Band line up

Nikki Darling- Vocals
Rachel Rekkit- Guitar
Kevin Krank- Bass
Mikk Manikk- Drums


1. Dumpster Punk
2. 27 Tulip Pass
3. Novocaine
4. Bad Taste Barbie
5. Dollhouse
6. U.S. Punk Bombs
7. Female Anarchy
8. Sugar Rocket
9. I Will Not Be Ignored
10. Wrecking Ball


Detroit punk rockers Crashdollz are set to unleash their visceral sounding hybrid of punk and metallic aggression with the release of their debut self titled album. Having caught the acclaim of radio shows and playing alongside Negative Approach and LA Guns, the quartet are ready to deliver their trashy gutter punk vibrancy to their ever growing fan base.

Exploding into action with, ‘Dumpster Punk’, the opening track glides along with speedy guitars and consistent drum work. The band unveil some impressive lead guitar manoeuvres around half way as the infectious chorus kicks back in.

‘27 Tulip Pass’ comes with an immediate sounding riffs and a strong vocal performance. The infectious guitars remain highly present and is no doubt a fan favourite at live shows.

The record conjures up plenty of high moments. From the gritty dialogue of ‘Bad Taste Barbie’ to the galloping drums of ‘Sugar Rocket’, making these guys an impressive accessory to any punk fan’s music collection.

Meanwhile, the angry grooves of ‘Wrecking Ball’ show Crashdollz spilling out plenty of memorable lyrics, edgy guitars, and enough energy to turn a mosh pit into a full scale riot.

While Crashdollz dish out plenty of anarchic noise, the record does come with its flaws. Firstly, the vocals at times feel forced and suffer lack the diversity to make these essential anthems. What’s more the record does appear to rehash many of the same qualities, which can work better in some places than others.

Although there is nothing revolutionary about their sound, Crashdollz do come with a strong sense of urgency and with a sense that their potency has yet to bloom fully. However, at such an early stage in their career they may just be at the start of something big! Promising debut.

Review by Ben Spencer