Craang – To The Estimated Size Of The Universe by Gary Trueman

Rating:     2.5 / 5
Distributor/label: Self-Released
Released: 2014
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Craang - To The Estimated Size Of The Universe

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Band line-up:

Manos – Guitar/Vocals
Mike -Bass
Nick – Drums


1.    Slo Forward Jam
2.    Butterfly
3.    Magnolia
4.    The Meteorian


You don’t have to play Craang for long to realise they make music so laid back it’s horizontal. Imagine Pink Floyd’s ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ but after a particularly large spliff and you get some of the slightly blurred picture.

Taking doom riffs and leading them astray via a psychedelic tumble dryer this four track fourty two minute ear assault will have most at best bemused and at worst hitting the stop button well before the end. You’d do well to persevere though because although ‘To The Estimated Size Of The Universe’ is quite hard work it does have its moments. When they arrive they are wondrous indeed.

The last quarter of ‘Slo Forward Jam’ springs to mind. It has a Sabbath like quality to it which could almost be led by Iommi himself, but on an adventurous day. Experimentation does have its benefits when you get to hear something like this that can be taken and used as a basis for a more conventional work.

The problem with pushing the boat out is that much of the time it tends to sink. We get a few of those moments here too, ‘The Metorian’ ambles along without really getting up enough steam to go anywhere.  At Fifteen minutes it’s a leviathan of a tune but twice as long as it really needs to be, and even then it will test many people to the limit.

The new Alunah album is similar in many ways, but never goes so far as to become a liability due to its unconventional nature.  Craang have to be praised for their boldness and originality, it’s just a shame much of this album falls short in terms of worthwhile content.

Review by Gary Trueman