Covenant – Leaving Babylon by Rhys Heal

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Dependent Records
Band Website:

Band lineup:
Eskil Simonsson,
Joakim Montelius,
Clas Nachmanson

Leaving Babylon
Thy Kingdom Come
Last Dance
Prime Movers
I Walk Slow
For Our Time
Ignorance & Bliss

Do you ever get the feeling that once a one-trick pony is fully set in its ways that it won’t budge to pastures a-new? Covenant, known for dance floor gems such as ‘We Stand Alone’ and ‘The Men,’ have attempted to break the reinforced mold that they have crafted for themselves only for it to resemble an obvious and often bludgeoning slaughter of their idols with any build up met with a depressing anti-climax; it just all seems a bit unevolved in a world where ingeniousness is king.

Achieving a steady mix of well-cut atmospherics, finely-crafted bass lines and a fitting array of deep-throated goth-tinged, vocal tones, this is a bonafide Convenant album through and through.
One could argue that tracks such as the almost brooding ‘Leaving Babylon’ and sure-fire underground club hit ‘Last Dance’ mark the descent of an almost-Omnipotent act beginning to lurk in to more tenacious grounds. The reality though, is that it just comes across as an opus that derived from the scraps off Gary Numan or Trent Reznor’s cutting room floor with no thought to how contrived and dated the outcome would be.

As proven by their much-talked about set at Infest in the Summer, every track fits in seamlessly with the rest of the acts back catalogue which is all well and good on stage. On record however is another story; it just sounds like they have run out of ideas and could do with a serious session milling over the ol’ square one. A shame.