Stepping up their game from their already extremely well-received début EP, Countless Skies have forged onward into the twilight, bringing with them the mournful melodies and rasping vocals for which they are known, and yet evolving the songwriting into this stunning single, “Solace”. 

Countless Skies


The track does provide solace: from the toils of the world, from the solitude of which the song speaks, and for the fact that the band show no signs of dropping the high bar they set themselves on the first release. Masterful melodic death from one of the country’s finest.

RIYL: Insomnium, Be’lakor, Omnium Gatherum, Ghost Brigade and Dark Tranquillity.

Initially starting as Hatespire in 2009, the band came to be in the summer of 2009 in a small flat in England. Long-time friends Ross King and James Pratt worked together to create a three-track demo, which blended progressive and intensely dark music influenced by their Scandinavian heroes. While complications caused the band to temporarily lose their momentum, they returned stronger after a four year slumber under the new guise of Countless Skies. Taking their previous sound and blending it with new influences whilst keeping the same dark twist, their first EP is a bold step in the right direction, reclaiming England’s stake in the melodic death metal field.

What they’re doing is some of the best, if not the best, melodic death that the UK has yet to whip up, and they are only just getting started.” –Headbanger Reviews

Countless Skies undoubtedly is a very interesting and promising first step for a young band that has the world open in front of them.” – The Metal Observer

Full of beautiful and sorrow-filled melodies and atmospheric keyboards, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. It seems safe to say that Countless Skies is a name you’ll be hearing quite a bit more from in the future.” –Dead Rhetoric

Music and lyrics by Countless Skies.

The drums were recorded by Danny B at HVR Recording Studio in Ipswich.
Album artwork was created by the very talented Carl Ellis.

Countless Skies are:
Ross King – Vocals and Guitars
James Pratt – Guitars
Phil Romeo – Vocals and Bass
Nathan Robshaw – Drums

2015 – Solace [Single]
2014 – Countless Skies EP

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