Countless – Coincidence

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: White Tower Records
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Alex Mitchell – Vocals
Erich Mach – Bass
Clean-Back Vocals
Patrik Mlčoch – Guitar
Martin Zálešák – Guitar
Pavel Doupovec – Drums


1. No Destroyers
2. New Possibilities
3. Thorns & Wounds
4. Time Will Tell


Countless are a metalcore/hardcore band, formed in Brno, in the Czech Republic. They were started in 2015, when guitarist and bassist, Martin and Erich, realised they shared each other’s musical tastes. This was when they wrote their first amateur demo together. In consequence of their likemindedness, they expanded their group, with singer Alex, and second guitarist, Patrik. A few months later, their first tune ‘Cost of Disgrace’ was recorded, and it was received with positive feedback. Inspired, they wrote their first EP. Shortly after, drummer Pavel joined, (no not a robot) completing the band. Their ‘Coincidence’, was released on March 20th of this year.

What do they and ‘Coincidence’ sound like? Well, within less than a second, you will hear what sounds like a lunatic, shouting his head off. In many similar bands, and when I say ‘many’, I put it lightly, the singer’s scream lacks character. However, Alex’s voice portrays a more genuine sense of horror, and sometimes even slight overtones of humour. (Intentional or otherwise). Needless to say, this is a very strange combination, but it works, to develop a sense of curiosity in the listener. However, arguably he is given too great a role, and his presence eventually becomes tiresome. On the whole, in fact, this is music of huge contrasts. All songs on this album switch between panic to perhaps the complete opposite of euphoric dreaminess. Orchestral strings are sometimes given a large role, enhancing the moods and setting this band apart from their contemporaries a little further.

Perhaps the greatest weakness of this band, is that their music seems stuck with their two states of mind. On first listen, all their songs may sound quite similar. Not only that, their music in general is rather traditional of modern times; super-low pitched guitars are abused and the musicians are more than happy to get the most out of their simple djent hooks. Kind of like Meshuggah-light – there aren’t the super-crazy patterns, Mesh are notorious for, here. ‘Thorns and Wounds’ starts off a lot gentler than their other pieces, and employs the use of soft keyboards. However, it only returns to their perhaps enema-inducing, bass heavy ideas, in under a minute. Had they developed their more tender side, they wouldn’t have come across as wusses. Altogether, their music is easily violent enough to prove they compete with the likes of others who have metal/hard cores.

In conclusion, Countless’s music is well written, and it is strong in its ability to evoke vastly contrasting emotions in a way that sounds natural. However, some more variety in tempo, for example would be greatly appreciated. To reiterate, sometimes silence is golden. That’s mainly advice for Alex, but it could apply to all members. More diversity could easily be created, simply through the group’s instrumentalists doing nothing at all. Despite the not too major flaws, I would certainly recommend giving this album a listen. However, I would only recommend parting with your cash, if you know you are a fan of this genre, or are relatively new to it. This is because the music on ‘Coincidence’ is largely fairly standard.

Review by: Simon the Mighty