Corpse Garden has teamed up with both Godz ov War and Third Eye Temple for a tape release of their second album Entheogen. The release, due out this autumn continues what has already been a busy year for the band, from their recent CD and digital release of the same album through both Russia’s Satanath Records & Germany’s RTM Productions. 

Corpse Garden


Guitarist Federico Gutierrez had this to say about the band’s year so far and the upcoming collaboration and cassette release, “2015 has brought us very good reviews and comments and people around the globe have welcomed the album in a really great way. We are hoping the attention keeps moving forward for Entheogen. Seeing the album released in another format by Godz ov War and Third Eye Temple is really exciting for us and we keep thanking the labels that are helping and trusting the band with this release.”

Listen to single ‘Portal to the Oneiric’ from the album here.


Corpse Garden Entheogen


The album was recorded by Juan Pablo Calvo at Bushido Audio Productions in 2014, before going on to be mixed and mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José.

Alexander Brown, the renowned underground artist who composed the Entheogen artwork talks about the composition and the process behind it. “The idea was informed by a very extensive proposal provided by the band, detailing their concepts, lyrics and the history of alchemical practices behind it all. I took their view point and combined it with my own knowledge of the subject to create the cover.”

The artist spent over 100 hours on the piece using 0.05 micron pen/ink on paper to construct it, Alexander goes on to describe what he sees in the artwork, “The alchemical process in motion, sloughing off of dead skin and new knowledge revelation; creation of the Philosopher’s Stone.”

He concludes “I’m never satisfied with my work, at least at the time, and rarely look at things after they’re done, but after months of not seeing this it still holds up well and is/was a good textural and compositional development point for me.” More from the artist here.

Entheogen will be released in cassette format this autumn through Godz ov War, andThird Eye Temple.

Physical copies of Entheogen currently available from Satanath Records / RTM Productions.